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Yeah, but 2 x .303 + 2 x 20mm tends to beat beat 6 x .50 cal in the current patch. Probably because...

7th May 2004 02:05

First! Nice job guys, can't wait to hack some Americans apart with that Katana!

10th May 2004 05:05

I just hope the give the Katana to pilots as well as officers. :D

11th May 2004 04:05

Well the real motivator would be if some of the mappers would come up with some more Polish and Finn...

11th May 2004 05:05

What about the expanding crosshair system, could that be used for tanks?

11th May 2004 05:05

Guadal canal doesn't even have ships anymore!!! Or maybe they are there but you can't spawn on them....

11th May 2004 06:05

The Devil's Brigade is running the BFE-WaW map pack as well. They are mixed in with the standard map...

19th May 2004 05:05

buh-doom-psh. Old humour.

23rd May 2004 04:05

That is an excellent map, and while the IS-2 is pretty powerful I think it is a great choice if ther...

23rd May 2004 19:05

Actually you have that backwards BAM. ;) EDIT: And here's the link to back it up. Notice the date...

3rd June 2004 03:06

[logic] Why don't you guys continue your fanboy circle jerk in a BFV forum? [/logic]

23rd May 2004 21:05

ROTFL! And don't forget magically nimble aircraft that shoot disentegration rays.

23rd May 2004 21:05

What, it's your birthday too?

23rd May 2004 21:05

spunks all over macbue.

23rd May 2004 21:05

Well I really thrive on dogfighting and protecting friendly bombers when playing with my clanmates....

2nd June 2004 06:06

And beside it is an ammocrate, but I wouldn't call that an easter egg since it is in plain sight alo...

2nd June 2004 06:06

I hear that some people are planning a league built around the BFE-WaW concept of fighting for terri...

2nd June 2004 06:06

Get over it BoW you have turned yourself into a laughing stock.

2nd June 2004 07:06

My favourite is when I'm proned in a bunker doorway, laying down bursts of fire with a Bren or MG42...

3rd June 2004 03:06

Mediterranean maps, we need more than just Crete! The terrain is beautiful and there are loads of op...

19th November 2004 02:11