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A: no... he had a billion of them... thats the rest of the wookies. Q: how many times can a jawa do...

22nd November 2007 12:11

A: it scares the crap out of the droids seeing the masses of white just pour out into the sand. lol...

10th December 2007 12:12

if there is no unit countdown, what will there be then? points?

10th December 2007 12:12

I hope so. hopefully kinda like the deathclones in Empire at War. Ya know, this map is the only re...

9th December 2007 14:12

ATAT is the neck joint that looks like an ugly cylinder there is a critical hit spot at the REAR "w...

5th December 2007 11:12

A: cuz they couldnt put in R2D2 becuz he came with extreme super powers. Q: How many coke cans can...

3rd December 2007 09:12

A: no... not pwn, PZN Q: what if Darth vader were to jump in front of the deathstar beam a second b...

25th November 2007 01:11

A: anakin's father... ewww Q: how fast is the fastest gun in Star WARS?

24th November 2007 06:11

A; chuck Q: y chuck?

24th November 2007 03:11

a: ewok empire Q: how many ewok kings were there

21st November 2007 14:11

yea lol kinda like america's army with the training at the beginning

15th December 2007 03:12

A: damn... lol can't just say ewok. haha welll... i say the jawa. Q: how many jawas can fit into a...

16th November 2007 09:11

A: The ewok hiding in QuiGon's pants :P Q: How come all my "who wins?" answers are all EWOK?

15th November 2007 11:11

A: yea. of course. Chuck Norris Q: who was the Chuck Norris of Star Wars?

14th November 2007 09:11

A: cuz the idea of a Republic is repulsive Q: How many ewoks need to stand on eachother in order to...

13th November 2007 07:11

A: the one that wasn't made Q: why did they take out all the trees from coruscant?

12th November 2007 09:11

A: Darth Vader... then all the ewoks would get him. Q: why are ewoks so small?

10th November 2007 02:11

lol at ur sig A: no. cuz he's scared he's gonna wee and the owner will get mad at it. Q: did they...

6th November 2007 14:11

sooo uhhh howz it goin? i'm still waiting for this map. sounds good to me. and if ur still makin...

6th November 2007 10:11

lol he's run us all over with his train :D

5th November 2007 08:11

A: yea. until anakin screwed it up... son of a gun Q: how many cell phones can JAR JAR stuff in his...

11th December 2007 14:12

A: the unlimited amount of taun taun fart gas free... cheap... and virtually indispensable. lol Q...

15th December 2007 03:12

A: Fast enough to catch Jar Jar. Q: does Jar JAr like spiders?

4th November 2007 02:11

A: uhh... ur list would stop somewhere Q: what color is the inside of a clone's mask?

11th January 2008 13:01

I have no idea if the the turrets can move or not but i think they can because modders are able to m...

18th January 2008 07:01