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these are GOOD IDEAS posted by bluecross Yes...Yes.. Yes...I agree with my GLA brothern...Usa...

21st April 2003 09:04

good ideas here posted by blue cross Yes...Yes.. Yes...I agree with my GLA brothern...Usa is j...

21st April 2003 09:04

what about the scuds lasting 4 ever???? I had 6 clean guy on the Job after the 1st lanch and by the...

23rd April 2003 11:04

and the dead units staying on the map i tried to put the new faction unit that was on the forum a f...

23rd April 2003 13:04

so when are u planning to get this mod out??

25th April 2003 11:04

i like that idea kool

9th May 2003 06:05

So when should we see the next big update on the forum??? Just wondering how far along u all are??

24th May 2003 09:05