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what kind of mod?

7th September 2007 03:09

both are incredibly close to impossible and the second would have issues of a legal kind try somthi...

8th September 2007 22:09

one in twenty chance a sim would be a pyro or a drunk. if sims have a bad aspiration when they age...

13th September 2007 02:09

I Bought a copy of War chest, but breakthrough wont work running on XP, with well over the reccomen...

30th September 2007 02:09

it's the send/don't send error box

1st October 2007 04:10

yes, it hasn't worked ever

4th October 2007 02:10

Skinners Yes Good Modellers My one and only dream, no :( Genius Scripters not really Someone t...

23rd January 2008 02:01

yeah probably fake... yeah they are fake, but they looked cool :)

20th October 2007 05:10

On Bon Voyage: you can use pre-made hotels in your holiday towns but how do you make new hotels? t...

9th December 2007 00:12

that IS a complex request, im not somebody that knows, but you may need to remodel and re-skeleton t...

23rd January 2008 01:01

i believ they use .bik format, i cant remember where to get the program which converts them but i th...

23rd January 2008 01:01

umm... one thing to say :) Poor ZekkGarEn :( anyways, i can use kotor tool editing items and stuff,...

23rd January 2008 01:01

lol, triple search before you ask on forums (and search the forums too)

6th July 2007 19:07

I've been trying to find Grim Reaper Skins, Police, Firemen, Pizza Guy, and The Mime but have never...

3rd July 2007 03:07


19th February 2006 03:02

if someone tells me a way to splt the models easy into head torso and legs, ill be happy to help

12th March 2006 22:03

i can probs find the sheild, sword and textures for weapons

20th March 2006 03:03

are you wanting the four arms to do nothing?

20th March 2006 03:03

it may take some time, but i think you can manually do it: i think you meen by doing this extrac...

19th March 2006 22:03

im struggling, but im getting there, the hair might look different than you wanted, but you shouldnt...

19th March 2006 22:03

do u want me to do it for u?

19th March 2006 22:03

ill ave a go, ill keep u updated, im not a modeler, but ill reskin a head

19th March 2006 03:03

like the melemium falcon's (exuse my spelling) engine in the trilogy

19th March 2006 03:03

two things the actual hole for the saber to come out (do it with metal from other sabers) the t...

19th March 2006 01:03

create a number of new wav. files (the same way you create a folder) give them the names of normal c...

19th March 2006 01:03