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Star Wars Episode 2 Movie, Only, on JK2. Think of how easy it would be to make. Almost all the maps...

11th November 2003 18:11

I invite all of you to join clan nsa in its official skin contest. http://www.nsaclan.com/phpbb/v...

21st July 2004 18:07

We now got a new layout!!! www.nsaclan.com

10th August 2004 20:08

Any ideas? Just like in the goku model!

30th July 2004 20:07

Im using the cloud model and I wont to remove those things from his shoulder and wrists, how do I d...

30th July 2004 16:07

Google it!

30th July 2004 16:07

Is this mod dead too? XD

30th July 2004 03:07

Hey can someone put this skybox : http://www.tweakguides.com/images/UT2004_8.jpg (or something like...

30th July 2004 03:07

Hello, I am hoping you can help me because I just love this game. Ok, after installing nvidias new...

28th July 2004 03:07

Abu5e. post of screenshiot of what your jedi academy looks like. I wanna see if I should switch, and...

28th July 2004 02:07

Is there some kind of guide on the internet that can help me tweak jedi academy for maximum fps and...

28th July 2004 02:07

What the hell? Isnt opengl a graphics mode? Opengl and direct3d? I wanna know how to switch in betw...

27th July 2004 01:07

How do I set jedi academy to run in opengl. Or does it automatically run in opengl. I thought that i...

27th July 2004 01:07

can you play Jedi Academy with the plain old 3D glasses. No, I dont mean those 100$ ones, im talking...

13th June 2004 23:06

Ok, my last plea. Can someone please make a little helms deep savegame for Jedi Outcast. Just like...

9th December 2003 03:12

Darn it, Im still getting the default sounds, any ideas why?

13th June 2004 22:06

Thanks a lot dude, Ill post back and tell you if it worked!

13th June 2004 20:06

My sound files wont work on my skin, I think the problem is that there not encoded right. What sett...

13th June 2004 20:06

That wont work, darn it!

6th June 2004 21:06

So your shader will make it look like its ripped and tattered? And how do I apply it?

6th June 2004 21:06

How do i apply this shader? And I want it looks like a tattered cloak.

6th June 2004 21:06

Cant we just make a transparent layer in the tga? I just want to make a certain part of the skin tr...

6th June 2004 20:06

Is it possible to have transparency in skins?

6th June 2004 20:06

Oops. forgot to post the website, silly me. www.nsaclan.com.

2nd June 2004 02:06

Lol, been asked so many times, you or the server is probably running an illegal copy of the game. Th...

27th May 2004 22:05
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