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how do u make multiple animations for an example: a new lightning stance and a new kata combined in...

13th May 2009 01:05

thats what i did exept that you can see the blade, i actually should disable that

11th September 2009 22:09

how do you use the XBOX ADPCM?

12th September 2009 01:09

reuber_666;5004520i mean is this the path to make a Force Repulse in JK3 or not realy, i want to mak...

12th September 2009 13:09

easy how to do it, ok go into a saber file then add this to the bottom: kataMove LS_LEAP_ATTACK th...

12th September 2009 13:09


12th September 2009 13:09

i really like the BR more then the model

10th September 2009 22:09

hmm that sounds good

10th September 2009 18:09

wow i have never had a great answer

12th September 2009 15:09

idk how to fix that but i got a prob too! i also have a mac and i was having fun and i noticed somet...

9th September 2009 02:09

i don't own a xbox or halo 2

9th September 2009 02:09

why are we all complaining here?

10th September 2009 18:09

i think that horizons of taris is the best

10th September 2009 00:09

wow the mod works perfectly!

12th September 2009 16:09

can someone show me what the downslash attack is for the Tavion Style? Because i am making new anims...

14th September 2009 22:09

wow you must be a awesome animator katanamaru

13th September 2009 17:09

really i thought that happend with some random things i downloaded

14th September 2009 01:09

spior;5005756Well that's a little hard when your 13.Reuber u are 15 or 16 i forgot so u can do whate...

14th September 2009 09:09

Where did u get that map!!!!!!!!

15th September 2009 14:09


15th September 2009 14:09


18th September 2009 01:09

(crys because this is god-awesome) this will go great with SpPwN's Starkiller Ultima Pack! and so i...

18th September 2009 14:09

yes because Halo 1 is for PC so you can play Halo 3 on your computer

18th September 2009 14:09

r u just jealous that he made an awesome map?

18th September 2009 19:09

the animations rock

12th September 2009 18:09