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What does the illegal operation say?? invalid page fault in S3MICD.dll and KERNEL32.dll??

29th August 2002 12:08

not me

28th August 2002 19:08

I think zelda will have the best graphics, with gorgeous cell shaded graphics

28th August 2002 19:08

I think the new link looks cool, just a bit too cartoonish

28th August 2002 19:08

Can you make a script that enables the double lightsaber in SP, can it be done?

28th August 2002 15:08

Darn!!!!! I re-installed the game and the same error message appears, whats the problem, you think i...

28th August 2002 13:08

where did you extract the files? It should be extracted to your gamedata/base folder

28th August 2002 13:08

give me your email ad and i'll send it to you, the mod exceeded the forums file limit

8th September 2002 13:09