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if ur having problems then try noclip and retype noclip when ur a bit above the ground this is just...

7th February 2007 15:02

sorry to ask but have cmt made a zanzibar or containment map sorry if it has already been posted

21st September 2007 21:09

do u do the same thing for empire at war and thanks

17th November 2007 12:11

look sorry for this must be asked alot but when you get a mod where do u place it? it says to put in...

17th November 2007 09:11

hay about sticking some seats on the side of warthog

19th October 2007 16:10

i just hope the marines are smarter

19th October 2007 16:10

because their is a lot of halo tutorials on their and it was a suggestion

15th October 2007 16:10

the AI are stupid even in halo 3 here are a few reasons 1.ran me over in a car in halo 3 they actua...

14th October 2007 17:10

if your looking for tutorials go to youtube i know they have some just a suggestion

14th October 2007 16:10

ok one question did you make a backup file???

14th October 2007 16:10

cant you find out on youtube???

14th October 2007 16:10

i agree try ebay it would have it for sure and i got jedi acadmey for $10 at a store it was with all...

8th October 2007 15:10

mine has to be in halo 2 when the sarge says .hay bastards knock knock .please dont shake the lightb...

24th September 2007 13:09

yea a few questions i want to know is their a tool to change the AI characters like i know how to ch...

21st September 2007 21:09

wow thanks i dident know thirdperson view was hacks and it fixed it thanks :)

15th September 2007 09:09

hello i am trying to find a way so that i can use the npcs i have created to replace the ones used i...

2nd December 2007 07:12

ok heres me problem when i try to open the original halo it comes up gathering exception data and i...

15th September 2007 08:09

i prefer marines even if they get killed to easy i only like the halo 2 armour the halo 1 i did not...

10th September 2007 16:09

i think they should make a kotor game were u play in the mandalorian wars for most of it is based in...

27th August 2007 12:08

i have the map with marines vs covenant

25th August 2007 22:08

hello again just want to say that if you interested in joining in this movie you will be added in th...

25th August 2007 19:08

we have changed the clan name to spartan then whatever number u want except 117,200,317 Eg. Spartan...

22nd August 2007 14:08

-=loaS=- yea hi me and my mate will be making halo custom edition movies. If u want to be apart of t...

21st August 2007 14:08

so is there any mod out there for halo ce so that you can be any skin color for any game mode

20th August 2007 12:08

my name on it is stradic

16th August 2007 13:08