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what is the problem?

7th November 2009 21:11

but how? hex editor? i never use same program:S Please link or something:P

2nd October 2009 03:10

I made a company like Chewbacca&Han and the Millennium Falcon, just my version is Anakin&Ahs...

18th October 2009 16:10

Thx boyz:P The first link solved the problem:D Thx Lord_Windu:D you are the man!

5th October 2009 01:10

I am not a modeller but I need some Clone Wars model my mod,just droids like DSD1 dwarf spider droid...

5th October 2009 23:10

Okay,thx your help but i dont know where can i start......(modding group):confused: I need only mod...

6th October 2009 13:10

I know but i can wait, but not so much, i help you if i can just ask any time. You could make these...

6th October 2009 17:10

What kind of models?:P

9th October 2009 12:10

I create a map like "Shaders" but the .fx files wont worket propelry.(everything green in the game w...

9th October 2009 22:10

in the alo viewer there is no problem but in the game, please what is the problem?

10th October 2009 02:10

ModMAP\Data\Art\Shaders I dont understand...:confused:

10th October 2009 14:10

The problem was curious. I put the .fx int the root game directory like eawfoc\(not the MOD in the...

10th October 2009 20:10

Yeah its a custom fx shader, this is interesting.....

13th October 2009 15:10

I need a some droid models but nobody helps me,I m not a modeller Im just coder,so I need some help...

28th October 2009 02:10

yes yes and max 8.....

7th November 2009 16:11

Of course,

28th October 2009 13:10

Any answer....?

28th October 2009 23:10

Its easy if you not lazy.Give his permission:)

29th October 2009 02:10

Im not a rigger or modeller,Dear Mobius, and i have a plaenty of time to learn this,Im just told the...

29th October 2009 02:10

Is it worth it? I just try to make a good MOD, and I repeat myself IM NOT RIGGER! I just cry for the...

29th October 2009 02:10

Ok,I promise, but nobody helps so it will be hard work and I must learn my own....oh sh.. .

29th October 2009 02:10

But why the modellers do these models and publicate this site?.....

29th October 2009 02:10

Ok I do it myself,but I need some help could anybody help me? Like link tutorials but I know swgbex....

29th October 2009 03:10

CLONE_MASTER or CLONEMASTER?? :) it's not just the same :)

3rd November 2009 06:11

I animate some movement in 3dsmax but in the alo viewer the animate wont work properly. (droid movem...

7th November 2009 01:11