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I LOVE playing jedi academy sp

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:confused: I don't understand all you guys who want the mod broken up into smaller files instead of...

8th September 2004 00:09

Pakscape V 0.11

4th June 2006 01:06

I don't think there is, which mod are you talking about there's one by ORiON and one by [COLOR=black...

18th May 2006 05:05

That is NICE! Are you gonna do first person view? if you are than can you make the scope that red on...

19th May 2006 06:05

How bought saber blades those are easy to make and they work for both JA/JO.

19th May 2006 06:05

Not for JA you'll have to get OJP.

19th May 2006 06:05

Jedi: Obiwan Kenobi young and old. Sith: Darth Vader and Anakin before he turned.

19th May 2006 06:05

Sorry I was talking about single player.

20th May 2006 04:05

I can do but couple a questions. Do you want tavion or normal female sounds? Do ya want nocloak...

20th May 2006 09:05

Alright thanks thought I just saw three cooling fins and I'm glad for first person view. What abou...

20th May 2006 09:05

I think the auther forgot to add something to the sab file that turns the blade off. If you want I c...

20th May 2006 09:05

Are you sure it's orange I thought it was red in ref pic in link?

21st May 2006 09:05

the sounds.cfg is the file you can make in notepad or go into the assets1.pk3 file and find them wit...

22nd May 2006 05:05

Thanks for posting this is awesome I used to play both MOTS and JK:DF2.

23rd May 2006 00:05

Yep no slashes just simply helpusobi 1. If you need any other cheats and commands check around the f...

23rd May 2006 00:05

Well keep working on it you will get it right.

4th June 2006 01:06

I think Hapslash made this gun for JK2 awhile back, looks good though.

4th June 2006 02:06

Which type of stormtroopers the default model or Haplash's version and there's a bunch reskins of bo...

18th May 2006 04:05

Make sure the file path is right, kind of like this model/players/jedi Or you can open up one of the...

4th June 2006 06:06

Wow nice models and I think there should be blonde,red,brown versions of the hair.

21st June 2006 07:06

jason voorhees :confused: please post link maybe I can help.

22nd June 2006 07:06

It can be in whatever mp3 format mono,stereo,or VBR. I have VBR in base right now cause VBR is what...

3rd September 2006 05:09

I think It's VBR get pakscape and get the music out of assets files.

5th September 2006 12:09

Alright Here is tut Helped me...

5th September 2006 12:09

It's just a diferent tut and If it's going in the master sticky than better to have two tut's than o...

5th September 2006 12:09