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o'yeah! more KOTOR units! it's like Christmas in July.

13th July 2010 03:07

it moves with out animation because you have to change the behavior of the AT-AT to "shielded" also...

26th August 2010 07:08

Warb have you thought about making more ground speeder units?

26th August 2010 07:08

oh it reproduces lot um okay then. what will a gizika do it just runs around aimlessly in the gam...

21st August 2010 20:08

Try Norton it allows me to use my mods and works.

17th August 2010 21:08

great job as usual warb!

4th August 2010 20:08

thats the new version of the Rep. Gaurdcarrier right? it looks awesome

1st August 2010 01:08

i would gladly contribute them. this is one of my favorite mods, also I've made new, bloodier skins...

24th July 2010 21:07

This might be a noobish question but how do you create a working shortcut, All of the shortcuts i do...

22nd July 2010 18:07

I asked about these months ago, when my mod was still alive. by the way very nice model.

22nd July 2010 18:07

you could make the zombies able to build some sort of turret that would release ZOMBIE SUICIDE EWOKS...

20th July 2010 03:07

the suicide ewok can be changed into anything, you just need to change the model and the scale facto...

14th July 2010 01:07

In order to make natives fight for you, you need to change thier affiliation(either companies or spa...

8th June 2010 04:06

looks nice, never seen a spider walker in any mods yet.

29th August 2010 21:08

that ship looks like it could slice all the way through an ISD. have you thought of making an abilit...

8th June 2010 04:06

actually the mandalorians never had a "normal" type of armor. In the mando wars they would have thei...

8th June 2010 04:06

awsome model! will you give it hardpoints?

22nd May 2010 22:05

i see that you still left the...thing. i understand what you mean by it slapping people in the face...

13th May 2010 03:05

you could do a mix of sci-fi and WW2, so Nazis would have lasers and space ships, that would be awes...

17th April 2010 21:04

you need to make a varient of the space defense turrent for those factions in the spacebuildables.xm...

6th April 2010 04:04

depends do want them to be infantry or a genericherounit or neither?

5th April 2010 07:04

infected AT-AA's from the empire... or floating blobs of infected dactilions or awhails that attack...

5th April 2010 07:04

very nice! a moo-shuttle?

2nd April 2010 21:04

dem got pwned. by da wai iz it just mi or iz da site ful ov bawd gramma

1st April 2010 20:04

have you thought of making new turrents?

1st April 2010 01:04