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The whole folder scripts??

1st March 2005 17:03

How do I upload anything. If i try to upload the whole scripts map(compressed) it doesn't upload.

1st March 2005 17:03

Maybe I can mail it?

1st March 2005 17:03

The map scripts is on the way too [email=""][/email]...

1st March 2005 18:03

I have tried it but it doesn't work. Plz help!!!!!!!!. I am getting desperate.

2nd March 2005 19:03

No the only result of installing it all is advanced power control dissappearing.

2nd March 2005 19:03

Of course i put al the mutators on. I am not stupid. The only problem is apm dissappearing and still...

3rd March 2005 08:03

That doesn't work. Does somebody have other sugestions?

9th April 2005 16:04

You have to unrar them first. then open the .bcmod file with bcmi and install.

23rd March 2005 18:03

I have the same problem. The torpedoes look like really bad textured squares.

29th March 2005 16:03

Delete everything in your bridge commander folder and then try to re-install again.

1st April 2005 09:04

Install the patch. Run the game in high resolution

1st April 2005 15:04

great. Thanks

2nd April 2005 06:04

Do you have QBR installed?

3rd April 2005 17:04

You should try QBR 2.3

5th April 2005 17:04

Hi all. I installed techframework 1.2 two days ago. I have a stock galaxy and I copied the examples...

9th April 2005 07:04

I thought that the first time cause i had that problem also but it doesn't solve anything now.

3rd January 2006 17:01
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