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i think its 5 posts now!

26th September 2004 11:09

i dunno why i cant edit my own post but: Click here:

26th September 2004 11:09

i got nearly the same problem except i can DL them, but i get errors like WinRAR errors,Fileplane...

26th September 2004 11:09

u think u have it bad? i had to DL it 13 mothafUkn times and i hope that tis time around t...

26th September 2004 11:09

NVM [color=DarkRed]I got it to work!!!1111!!!!111:):):):):):) after the 13th or 14th DL of FH...

26th September 2004 16:09

OMGOMGOMG like i siad many times i'ev tried 14 times to DL fh.65 and wen it was finally successfu...

26th September 2004 17:09

keyboard and mouse here

19th April 2005 13:04

no error messages appered wen it was extracting it. so i dunno

27th September 2004 02:09

thx for ur help. i found out the problem anyways and fixed it

27th September 2004 16:09

Well, sometime ago I said that I will be making some maps for FH based off some Band of Brothers epo...

14th October 2004 13:10

Großadmiral Dönitzdo you mean the BC files for 0.66? they aren't made, somebody has to ajust the old...

11th January 2005 13:01

As the title suggests, where might i find the font for the FH loading screens? Also, where might...

30th March 2005 12:03

6/10 ...its okay :D nice animation

18th April 2005 16:04

5/10 same as the sig and animated :D

18th April 2005 16:04

nice, 7/10 Großadmiral Dönitz1/10 sweet but it violates the signature guidelines max size is 10...

19th April 2005 03:04

i tried a different PSU, Video Card, RAM stick and CMOS battery from my other rig and the same thing...

20th September 2009 05:09
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