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is there a way to play as one in Jedi acadamy without using the player modual cheat? i'd love to pla...

8th October 2003 07:10

is there a way to play around with the scepter that Tavion has? i think that with it in the game the...

10th October 2003 07:10

is there any way to actually find the code? :confused: :confused: :confused:

10th October 2003 09:10

yes thats what were talking about, is there a way to get it in-game is what we are trying to find ou...

10th October 2003 21:10

first off i need to find the "player.npc" file second the give command only uses numbers for weapons...

10th October 2003 22:10

no idea what the Aura is but thats not what we are talking about right now

11th October 2003 06:10

excuse me, can we get back to the subject of the Scepter?

11th October 2003 07:10

Obi 1 KanobiPLZ HELP. I tried give weapon_scepter No effect (my crosshair moved in then out) Trie...

12th October 2003 10:10

Hi, i have a few modes i want to merge but i dont know if, or how it can be done. any help or infrom...

11th April 2005 08:04

people please tell me i want to use these mods all at one time! is there a way?

1st May 2005 13:05

something that starts you off with all buyable things?

25th December 2005 17:12

like something that gives you the toolbar on the first land with everything already bought

26th December 2005 10:12