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Ok I tried playing COD one day and this is what happened. I got some blue screen about not enough sp...

22nd July 2004 10:07

AMD-PhoenixWhat is wrong with everyone these days? Every guy seems to think he hes general patton (w...

3rd August 2005 09:08

Well, personally, and you can think I'm crazy all you like, but I really don't think Osama bin Laden...

3rd August 2005 06:08

God forbid anyone would have a sense of duty anymore. Mack

3rd August 2005 06:08

Don't join the military for the money. It really shouldn't be about that. Mack

3rd August 2005 06:08

Ooohhhhhh look at the ickle bitty baby! Mack

3rd August 2005 02:08

AzH26%. Probably because I shaved my pubes off once. I've done that twice. I got 23% I think beca...

2nd August 2005 14:08

I feel "tongues" is something, due to powerful emotions and thoughts, is created by the mind. I'm it...

1st August 2005 12:08

Welcome, stay away from Donitz, he's Dutch. Mack

1st August 2005 14:08

Where ya going? Mack

2nd August 2005 09:08

Bush cute? Whatever. Mack

2nd August 2005 09:08

NiteStrykerMostly yes but it also has to do with the culture. You hear blacks talk about "the man" a...

3rd August 2005 09:08

Whoopee cushions are the real weapons of mass destruction. Mack

4th August 2005 13:08

EkipsJust dont Die or these douchebags will show up at your funeral. The people from www.Godhatesfag...

6th August 2005 03:08

sexah. Mack

4th August 2005 14:08

Welcome friend. Stay away from Donitz, he's Dutch. Mack

3rd August 2005 11:08

NiteStryker:rofl: Some people want this guy to be treated humaninly. You do realize that if we...

3rd August 2005 10:08

NiteStrykerOk but thats black friends. Have you gone to a pure black community? (Ex: South Central L...

3rd August 2005 10:08

NiteStryker When we get him it will be good and bad. What do you prepose we do? Hell, I think it...

3rd August 2005 10:08

Welcome. Stay away from Donitz, he's Dutch. Mack

3rd August 2005 11:08

Mad EwokDrench him in pig's blood, since pigs are considered unclean according to Islam and then exe...

3rd August 2005 11:08

You just had to post it? Didn't you, Aero. I am so angry right now. Mack

3rd August 2005 11:08

Why is Royal Mail special? How is it different? Mack

4th August 2005 02:08

faggotlol omg hi. d you like me nerd?????? ] lololol, rem. I vote we give him early Mele...

30th July 2005 22:07

Man, I don't know if I can like Mihail. I mean, he is Russian. ;). Mack

31st July 2005 01:07