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Yeah that makes sense. I think i get it now. Good analogy Inyri

5th May 2006 16:05

I was wondering what the difference between the sith and a dark jedi is? You look at Jerec, Desann,...

4th May 2006 23:05

I like the new episodes better because they're my generation. Ep 1 was the first episode I saw and I...

2nd May 2006 04:05

I saw the trailer and though the movie will probably be awsome, the trailer didn't really get me exc...

3rd May 2006 03:05

Yeah I agree and the Kotor series is essentially a story of the force, its light and dark side and h...

2nd May 2006 16:05

That looks cool. I'd make it but like you I have no clue on how to go about creating a saber model.

2nd May 2006 23:05

does this happen right when you open the program or when your trying to determine the map size...or...

3rd May 2006 03:05

What I want to do is try and change some of the backround music that can be heard when playing the g...

3rd May 2006 03:05

Jedi Knight 2, definitly the best game ever made

3rd May 2006 03:05

quick and pointless, thats the death for me! Dying for your beliefs, or your country, or your family...

3rd May 2006 03:05

Chronicles of Narnia 9/10 good interpretation of C.S. Lewis' book. The special effects varied, some...

3rd May 2006 03:05

Kyylo Zar - Born approx 3969 B.B.Y. Kyylo was a human female force sensitive, born on the wilderness...

4th May 2006 00:05

I'm working on my own story set in the knights of the old republic era but I'm not ready to post it.

3rd May 2006 03:05

well episode 1 IS the original for ME, though I don't think it is the best. Ep 3 beats them all.

3rd May 2006 03:05

Jedi: Shaak Ti Sith: Darth Nihilus I like them both for the same reason. They both look really cool.

3rd May 2006 03:05

Another nice addition to your story Jean. Keep it coming.

3rd May 2006 19:05

they changed alot more in the dvds then just anakin at the end.

3rd May 2006 20:05

I'm not sure what the deal is with Super man. I think he's almost indestructable but he might still...

3rd May 2006 20:05

Yeah its kind of a plot hole, but you have to consider all the other variables that effected these e...

3rd May 2006 21:05

alright thx very much, most of the mods seem to be working now

10th December 2006 06:12