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cossack, with your system specs you should be able to run .65 without trouble to begin with.

6th October 2004 07:10

great movie, nice job guys

14th October 2004 09:10

new translation: be patient. it will come.

18th October 2004 08:10

good job sauron, excellent work.

19th October 2004 06:10

infantry assult, tanker when they are available

11th November 2004 05:11

nice screenies

29th September 2004 04:09

thanks for the mirror sgtpepper, that is a great trailer.

28th September 2004 11:09

had it when i woke up monday morning, excellent that the devs release the way they do now i just nee...

24th September 2004 02:09

i am anxious to see all the maps (redone and new) so i responded with a yes. if some maps are found...

24th September 2004 08:09

'LIGHTNING [NL']Panzer VI (6) = Tiger That's a Panzer VI. edit: nevermind, i think he means IV ^^

24th September 2004 03:09

star wars knights of the old republic was really good, i would have to disagree with y'all about luc...

24th September 2004 04:09

doesn't it take longer to swing a shovel/spade, then say jab with a knife?

24th September 2004 05:09

D-FensBioware made that, Lucasarts just published very true, but they didnt pull the plug on it, as...

24th September 2004 05:09

true, but right now its usually only one, two swipes with the good old knife with the same effect. b...

24th September 2004 05:09

@unrealgama i don't think it was ever developed, but i am not postive. anyone else know?

24th September 2004 05:09

that paticular glitch (same with zooka) has been fixed as far as i know.

24th September 2004 08:09

1500-2000 over the first weekend, maybe 4000+ for the whole week.

24th September 2004 08:09

good job sauron, nice update

28th September 2004 11:09

how long has it been there?? its only 10pm here on THURSDAY i love you devs!!!!!!1

24th September 2004 09:09

myself, i could play goodwood this morning and now i can't map isnt found. don't know what is going...

25th September 2004 03:09

we want more this, and we also want more that. and after you do that for us devs we want this too....

25th September 2004 03:09

happened again today, massive disconnect on tarawa. not sure about the other pacific maps

25th September 2004 03:09

it takes time to fix everything and polish everything, look at how many people are upset because the...

25th September 2004 11:09

again i would like to say great job devs, i agree with septic and i thoroghly enjoyed this update.

26th September 2004 19:09

what maps are you talking about? that would help this discussion immensely edit: if you mean bom...

27th September 2004 00:09