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I lost contact with my clan leader in JO(=GS=NiKo), Never saw him again. One member lost out of your...

12th January 2005 09:01

Trauma SenseiSaber only ffa is much better, but thats just my opinion. noooooo that's baaaad. Guns a...

10th January 2005 02:01

Snoop Frog O and for the people who want to play with sabers, force, and weapons, go to the server D...

10th January 2005 03:01

mrtigerUSE your light saber young one! *unzips fly* rofl :P but I would like to say that I am probab...

10th January 2005 05:01

tFighterPilotNone of the above. I played both, both sucked (light side was gay, and dark side was st...

10th January 2005 05:01

ShadowSnakeso how do you make it so alt changes turn to stafe or does it normally do that ? I beleiv...

12th January 2005 05:01

Snoop FrogOk Jide, the server Dutch Fraghouse isn't always available (it is most of the time), but j...

12th January 2005 05:01

:agreed: that pretty much sums it up in a not-so-concise manner ;)

13th January 2005 08:01

sure, CyPhEr will take you.were lookin for members just email me!

5th October 2003 19:10

I'm cool. :cool:

14th January 2005 06:01

I'll check that out. ~Jide

14th January 2005 09:01

I'm just coming back to the forums as well, welcome back, and I do remember your name, though I doub...

14th January 2005 09:01

Damn saber purists.... I'ma go play some JO.

17th January 2005 22:01

Jedi Outcast :rock: Of course I got totally pwnd, but that's cause I've been playing JKA and have be...

19th January 2005 09:01

Welcome, and have fun. And by have fun I mean go play Jedi Outcast. :smokin:

9th January 2005 21:01

:uhh: can u guys read? he joined CyPhEr(being so awesome its not even funny)(bcuz of JIde, who is aw...

5th October 2003 04:10

Sure :) CyPhEr will take you. it's a new clan, and were lookin for members. b glad to have u :D

24th September 2003 04:09

yeah the 1st series... there's gotta be like at lest 8 now... red ranger... awesome... :rock:

28th August 2003 07:08

hey absath i have your absath skin it is way q00| :rock: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: :rock: :lol:...

28th August 2003 20:08

ROFLMAO:lol: btw, you forgot Z-95 head hunters :)

3rd September 2003 02:09

HEY! this is Jide. Also known as God. :p I have started a clan! you should join it. cause its looki...

24th September 2003 04:09

:( sorry to say this, but I think your a lil late in da game. CyPhEr now has 3 whole members! LOL!

25th September 2003 03:09

:smack: u obviously dont know who I am.do you know who i am? im Jide.and, i did read it said that th...

3rd October 2003 03:10

Hey We got a 3rd member!4 slots left b4 tryout-type things start! :P ~Jide is so awesome, he starte...

25th September 2003 03:09

Umm, hey! i have a clan now!If I had known about this earlier, i wouldn't have started it. but it ha...

25th September 2003 03:09
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