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vote. NOT that its gonna stop me but see if peeps would d/l it

29th April 2003 20:04


2nd May 2003 09:05

:dropsjar: :dropsjar: :dropsjar: :dropsjar: also people will get payed here ... a mod and also $$$$...

1st June 2003 23:06

i need a mapper to make me a map for a mod and a good one please email me at [email]jim135666@yahoo....

1st June 2003 19:06

I have a question. Does any one know any site or area's that have leacked mods maps ect to battlefie...

14th May 2003 19:05

lol but really you people who replyed are the worst peeps. your the people that play the most and i...

10th May 2003 10:05

i MAY be over thinking and stuff but GET THE **** OF YOUR ASSES PEOPLE. its a game. honistly ur the...

10th May 2003 00:05

yes peeps zoid mod is in procces of geting made. were almost finished reskinning weapons and stuff....

6th May 2003 12:05

i found the dc b-1 bomber folder. but my problem is were do i put thw folder so its in the game?

3rd May 2003 15:05

were working on it. ant easy with 3 editors

3rd May 2003 10:05

then i will take you in. email me at [email]jim135666@yahoo.com[/email]

3rd May 2003 10:05

yo GeistMann are you gonna help me with my mod? i have a modeler all ready. and he also maps and ski...

3rd May 2003 01:05

We are starting agian to recruit for the zoid mod. were only hosting this fourm untill sunday. so bf...

2nd May 2003 21:05

hey shut it. zoid mod is cool. and were all ready modeling. were half way thriugh one of the zoids:c...

2nd May 2003 20:05

how u got that bus picture. how do u set all the stuff up for it

1st May 2003 23:05

no way. i got some 1 highered for it. : ) will be a few days maybe 3 mounths max.

29th April 2003 21:04

does any 1 know how and were (which seceion) i got to . to get a octure thats under my texted that c...

1st May 2003 21:05

ya. ok the file was a viruse. it was trouseon hourse. hahah this ant ****ing funny. and sent over 10...

1st May 2003 18:05

who cares. i have 92% finished ehehehhe

1st May 2003 00:05

im downloading it now. 1 its most likly buged and 2 it is lame cause it ant finished

1st May 2003 00:05

im not joking. dont download this file. it has viruses in it. its loaded. its the maps but virses. i...

30th April 2003 23:04

THX for the maps . but that isent cool. what if it becomes like bagdad inter. it will be lame. so in...

30th April 2003 23:04

aaa i have troble with that. need some help with large pictures

30th April 2003 22:04

yes yes. i got peeps 2 help me get zoids started and also 2 clans to suppoert me. now all i need is...

29th April 2003 23:04

good news! i got 2 clan sites suppoerting us .giving us a home and stuff.but i need you to focuse on...

29th April 2003 23:04
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