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aaah good track indeed!!"Eat It" by Weird Al Yankovic

2nd December 2018 03:12

stupid damn winter...*grumble grumble* i do like the snowfall here tho    

2nd December 2018 02:12

"Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners

1st December 2018 01:12

Ok I get next pick then lol How about: Names of songs from the 1980s if that's cool or hasn't been...

29th November 2018 20:11

I have been meaning to see The Weather Man. 9mm was one of his best ones, IMO.  Very dark movie.

29th November 2018 20:11

Sell Po-tay-toes And Meat

29th November 2018 20:11

I hadn't realized there were reviews also lol

29th November 2018 20:11

I spend more time watching documentary after documentary myself. I just finished part 2 of the Makin...

29th November 2018 20:11

in all of BC's many years, surprisingly no one really has created new Kessok and Cardassian Hybrid s...

27th November 2018 03:11

this mod needs beta testers..........

27th November 2018 03:11

ONGOING BCC THREAD: http://www.bc-central.net/forums/index.php/topic,8349.0.html

27th November 2018 03:11

NEW BRIDGES!! *SOVEREIGN CLASSModelled on bridge featured in Nemesis.  Features new animated LC...

27th November 2018 03:11

WHY BOTHER?Good question.   Especially for any Trek fan/sane person.  Well, simple answer is BC's SP...

27th November 2018 02:11

Just a quick update as several people asked.  SPMod v2 WIP is about 95 per cent done and just awaiti...

27th November 2018 02:11

One of the most difficult aspect of modding BC has always been the SP Campaign. There has been no SP...

27th November 2018 02:11

Stop Pushing Against Me

26th November 2018 21:11

Greetings!  :)

25th November 2018 02:11

This seems to have turned frozen lol Who gets next pick?

25th November 2018 02:11

Too many people posting!

25th November 2018 02:11

Simple Pleasures Are Magnificient

25th November 2018 02:11


11th November 2018 01:11


8th November 2018 17:11


8th November 2018 02:11

Posted by LindaleHellPosted by JimmyB76Is this just anything star trek?  Or something like specific?...

29th October 2018 19:10

Ferengi Is this just anything star trek?  Or something like specific?Plokite started with (Star T...

29th October 2018 01:10