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OK, Ive registered here at the forums, sorry, was too lazy to get over it earlier!:cya: EDIT: Does...

1st May 2003 15:05

Its alright now, (didnt see the moderator box at bottom of page) LOL:lol:

12th May 2003 17:05

Is there anyone here who's participating on E3? (I know I could, but of certain age, I cant) And who...

13th May 2003 19:05

What exactly position have I been given, FJ?(Moderator, Super Moderator...??)

13th May 2003 18:05

Lol @ Amy :lol:

13th May 2003 17:05

yea, Im a mapper, but Ive got too much to do, sorry!:(

13th May 2003 17:05

duste danske!!!:eek: why do you ALWAYS have to follow me?:lol:

13th May 2003 16:05

Hiya, LuNaTiiZ, Im the administrator at mappersguild.com, that mapping tutorial on your site would b...

13th May 2003 15:05

Messenger contact: MSN: [email]hans_richard_karlsen@hotmail.com[/email] E-mail contact: [email]ha...

12th May 2003 17:05

OK, Thx, I'll keep that in mind!:)

12th May 2003 17:05

Hey, FileJune, I dont think I've got access to moderator-ship in the mappersguild forum..!

12th May 2003 17:05

hey, why is half of the screen just.... BlAcK??

1st May 2003 16:05

I salute you, Jedi Academy (Yes, its a HE)! :bows::bows::bows::bows: :bows::bows::bows::bows: :bo...

9th May 2003 09:05

Hey, Ive begun mapping the tower of Orthanc, and I need a texture artist. Email me @ [email]hans_r...

3rd May 2003 09:05

I doubt he ever has played JK3, it hasnt come out yet! :P

2nd May 2003 12:05

Why havent you asked them earlier?

1st May 2003 18:05

Are you on the JK2files.com server?

1st May 2003 17:05

Following Kenobi's advice... EDIT: It worked, but I have to select that box every time I post a th...

1st May 2003 17:05

Testing with Quick Reply! EDIT: :rock: Works with Quick Reply EDIT AGAIN: SIG disappears when edit...

1st May 2003 17:05

Testing(Please dont count this as SPAM) EDIT: :confused:

1st May 2003 17:05

I think it would be Anakin/Vader, I mean, just at the Geonosis hangar, did you see how good he contr...

1st May 2003 17:05

a sheep EDIT: Bleh, somethings screwed up here... EDIT AGAIN: Oh nevermind, the "fog" disappeared...

1st May 2003 16:05

If its necessary, may I moderate jk3 forums?

27th May 2003 09:05