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[COLOR=Navy]Uh, yeah, I'm sorry :D I just need only this one cinematic, if you want make only in-gam...

26th February 2010 02:02

[COLOR=Navy]Btw I wrote a program for it a long time ago, that you can use it offline too. If you ne...

4th March 2010 20:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Good work:D[/COLOR]

3rd March 2010 20:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Color the lighting? Press K and choose a simple color...if you didn't think it, I don'...

1st March 2010 21:03

[COLOR="Navy"]LoL I need bats too xD Good idea![/COLOR]

28th February 2010 16:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Okay, thank you ^^[/COLOR]

27th February 2010 03:02

[COLOR=Navy]AshuraDX, if you have time now I need an fx :D It will be on the snowy map, and when the...

27th February 2010 02:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Try to clean the base folder from the other mods:D[/COLOR]

26th February 2010 20:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Yeah, I know:D[/COLOR]

26th February 2010 20:02

[COLOR=Navy]I need an animation, where the NPC makes a little 'earthquake' with two hands. She must...

25th February 2010 21:02

[COLOR="Navy"]I think it looks nice ^^[/COLOR]

5th March 2010 03:03

[COLOR="Navy"]It looks I could do it without 3 sequence too:D So I'm sure you don't need to make tha...

24th February 2010 21:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Okay, if you make 3 different sequence, that would be cool^^ Thank you:D[/COLOR]

24th February 2010 04:02

[COLOR=Navy]Uhmm...maybe isn't that good, if I write: Real (nick)? I think the real names looks real...

24th February 2010 00:02

[COLOR="Navy"]It loooooooks nice:D I just don't know yet, how can I force the NPC to keep that frame...

23rd February 2010 20:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Just copy here the ui file :D I put more than 5 buttons too, so you did some mistakes...

23rd February 2010 20:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Hi again. - AshuraDX I added you to my MSN partners, cuz I have a few question about...

21st February 2010 17:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Don't you get error in ShaderED?[/COLOR]

15th February 2010 21:02

[COLOR=Navy]The images, uploaded to 'otofotki' aren't exist...[/COLOR]

13th February 2010 19:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Good work :)[/COLOR]

13th February 2010 19:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Very nice:D[/COLOR]

4th March 2010 20:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Did you try use the 'Brush Cleanup'? Maybe that can fix it.[/COLOR]

5th March 2010 20:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Those looks bad solutions I think...btw why would you like to dismember again and agai...

12th February 2010 23:02

[COLOR=Navy]I think the easiest is the gmax for it...it's free, and looks like 3DS MAX (Milkshape is...

19th March 2010 19:03

[COLOR=Navy]I'm sure there is on this site: Jedi Knight 3 Mods, Jedi Knight 3 Maps, Jedi Knight 3 Do...

30th March 2010 19:03