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[COLOR=Navy]That doesn't help xD Btw I think we should speak from anything, cuz it isn't possible:)...

27th March 2010 17:03

Or install 1.4 too, and that installs the main models that you need :P

25th March 2010 11:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Maybe the mod's makers forgot to put some pictures into the pk3 :P[/COLOR]

23rd March 2010 13:03

[COLOR="Navy"]In this forum's Utilities there is this too, and that worked for me fine...[/COLOR]

21st March 2010 14:03

[COLOR="Navy"]There is MP SDK but not SP SDK... :( I don't like it :( For example if I want rewrite...

20th March 2010 12:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Okay, then I never will be able to modify the SP code xD Btw I'll try to do the best w...

20th March 2010 10:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Yeah it's the problem...the q3 engine, and a lot of engine soure that looks like JA's...

20th March 2010 08:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Why do you need ase? Why isn't good an md3?[/COLOR]

20th March 2010 07:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Okay, I understand...I don't understand why isn't legal to modify the code :S The Luca...

18th March 2010 13:03

[COLOR="Navy"]R u sure it loads the needed 'server.cfg'?[/COLOR]

6th March 2010 09:03

[COLOR=Navy] katanamaru;52705411st person mode is not handled by the animations. At least as far a...

17th March 2010 14:03

[COLOR="Navy"]No problem, good luck for that:D[/COLOR]

11th March 2010 11:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Are you sure you are targeting the needed camera?[/COLOR]

10th March 2010 20:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Try reset the settings to default?[/COLOR]

10th March 2010 20:03

[COLOR=Navy]That looks cool, thank you very much:D The cinematic looks well now;)[/COLOR] [COLOR=Na...

10th March 2010 20:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Did you try reinstall it?[/COLOR]

10th March 2010 15:03

[COLOR=Navy]Hi, I need help again:D I need a lava planet texture. I searched on google, but I didn't...

10th March 2010 15:03

[COLOR="Navy"]LoL very cool:D[/COLOR]

10th March 2010 07:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Yeah, the brush limit, but there can not be endless brush near each other.[/COLOR]

6th March 2010 09:03

[COLOR="Navy"]Okay, good luck ;)[/COLOR]

13th February 2010 11:02

[COLOR="Navy"]I think if you install on that, I'll working without the registry files too. Try it :P...

12th February 2010 15:02

[COLOR="Navy"]Okay, that's fine too:D Thanks (You are the Jedi #1) ;)[/COLOR]

2nd April 2010 15:04

[COLOR="Navy"]For me it didn't break anything...[/COLOR]

9th January 2010 17:01

[COLOR=Navy]Thank you very much:D (Usually I'll be able to give you pictures too, cuz I get ideas fr...

20th January 2010 15:01

[COLOR="Navy"]Ohh:O Okay, thank you:D If you can, it would be cool, and if you have too many time, m...

20th January 2010 13:01