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[COLOR="Navy"]Thank you, that would be cool, just I wouldn't like one, that's in another mod too, yo...

20th January 2010 02:01

[COLOR=Navy]I'm sorry Ashura, I composed it bad....I thinked the push anim:) (btw thx^^) And np kat...

20th January 2010 01:01

[COLOR=Navy]Umm....does anyone make the push effect (*edit: anim) yet, or we give that up? xD[/COLOR...

19th January 2010 21:01

[COLOR=Navy]If you want to download one, try gmax. It's free, and you can export and import the mode...

19th January 2010 18:01

[COLOR="Navy"]I hate that xD Btw they wrote, that they make the 1.6 based on the 1.4 :P[/COLOR]

12th January 2010 20:01

[COLOR=Navy]On their site, there is a 'Zero Radiant (1.6)', that they've just making...but it looks...

10th January 2010 02:01

[COLOR="Navy"]Yeah, that breaks, I checked;)[/COLOR]

10th January 2010 02:01

[COLOR=Navy]The J is working in 1.4 only :P With this you can change from 4 select mode.[/COLOR]

9th January 2010 17:01

[COLOR="Navy"]I don't know yet, but I'm sure if you search in Google, that will help you. If you don...

22nd January 2010 15:01

[COLOR=Navy] lassev;5206250Not that I know, although maybe jk3editor found one since he's recommend...

9th January 2010 17:01

[COLOR="Navy"]set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_PLAYERMODEL", "kyle" );[/COLOR]

9th January 2010 01:01

[COLOR="Navy"]Use the J button on your keyboard:)[/COLOR]

9th January 2010 01:01

[COLOR="Navy"]Maybe you should buy a NumPad:D[/COLOR]

8th January 2010 15:01

[COLOR="Navy"]Write it in your server's cfg: seta sv_cheats 1 I hope you search this;)[/COLOR]

7th January 2010 21:01

[COLOR="Navy"]Okay, thanks:D[/COLOR]

5th January 2010 20:01

[COLOR=Navy]1) You can open with notepad, but never change it's extension! I'm sure JA searches the...

5th January 2010 04:01

[COLOR="Navy"]Oh, really?:D Then sry, I just5 saw it in a base script. Then what does it do?[/COLOR]

5th January 2010 03:01

[COLOR=Navy]Do you think the subtitles, when the NPCs speaking? You can do it with ICARUS script. He...

4th January 2010 21:01

[COLOR="Navy"]I think that isn't bad too. I never used that, but I know, that's free, and more JA mo...

21st January 2010 21:01

[COLOR=Navy]I'm sure that won't fix this problem, that's just for the editor. Btw DuketheLuke, all t...

24th January 2010 05:01

[COLOR="Navy"]If I merge them, I woN't to be use it how I want...you'll be able to see it in my mod'...

11th February 2010 19:02

[COLOR="Navy"]When you re-installed the game, did you delete the folder with all the files? MAybe th...

4th February 2010 21:02

[COLOR="Navy"]I didn't know it...it's really bad xD Btw thank you:D[/COLOR]

11th February 2010 02:02

[COLOR="Navy"]It looks it's working with different script_targetnames...it's more, uglyer, but worki...

10th February 2010 22:02

[COLOR=Navy]Hmm...now it looks this error 'disappeared', now just it don't give me any error, the g_...

10th February 2010 21:02