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Yeah but everytime around the player when moving?:D The map would be really crowded with navogals :P

11th November 2010 23:11

Tutorial for scripting or for menu files?:D

11th November 2010 19:11

No problems for me.

11th November 2010 19:11

I was working on XP before, and now Win7 :D

11th November 2010 06:11

I think that 'simulate old style' is not good:D I always use it: Spoiler: Show bsp_Q3Map2: (final...

11th November 2010 04:11

Or u can check it in ShaderED :P

15th November 2010 04:11

SP or MP? If MP, you must re-code it. If SP, u can't do it :D

11th November 2010 04:11

Yeah, but you don't understand me :D The menu file don't have to exec the cfg, that starts the scrip...

11th November 2010 04:11

Walk around player? I think it is coded...

10th November 2010 22:11

I can't realize it... what is the friendship between the fog and the body's hiding? :D Tried use ano...

10th November 2010 22:11

Does the same, but you execute a cfg... but you can run the exec command in menu file too, cfg does...

10th November 2010 22:11

We'll see it :)

10th November 2010 22:11

INJ must be the NPC_targetname instead of targetname :)

10th November 2010 22:11

Open the map in Radiant and click on the Bsp menu and select a 'final' xP

10th November 2010 22:11

Yeah, but you don't have to execute the cfg... you can easily "exec" in your menu file :D (Not so im...

10th November 2010 05:11

And how optimized :P

13th November 2010 23:11

U can copy it from a map where it is :P Btw it is not so hard ;)

22nd November 2010 22:11

That's correct :)

9th November 2010 21:11

I use that, and I like it xP

27th November 2010 23:11

No xD Hmm... if it is possible with cool shaders that's nice too... but I've used only a small shade...

11th December 2010 23:12

Thank you ^^

11th December 2010 21:12

Yeah someone else told me her too, but she said, she is too busy for this. That's why I must search...

11th December 2010 05:12

nice xP

8th December 2010 15:12

tried this?:D Spoiler: Show exec "helpUsObi 1" exec "runscript testscripts/menu_door_activator"

8th December 2010 15:12

Only a Necrogripish :D

2nd December 2010 21:12