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I didn't know this part of the Google...it's cool:D:D

27th May 2009 16:05

[COLOR=Navy]To exec itself, for it you should start it, so I think it isn't possible without any pro...

17th May 2009 07:05

On the picture the front of the man's jacket (I don't know how do you say it) is shorter than the ba...

27th May 2009 16:05

Okay, I solved the problem without uiScript, the admins can delete this thread if they want:p

25th May 2009 13:05

Hi, I searched it everywhere, but I didn't find an uiScript list to the JA...can anybody show one f...

25th May 2009 11:05

[COLOR=Navy]I asked it too, not for a long time ago...maybe try to search that topic, I hope that ca...

22nd May 2009 11:05

You can export to ASE, or to md3 (I heard ASE is better)...I don't know more, bot I think here are s...

22nd May 2009 11:05

This message was for me, when I reinstalled my computer...I have installed the last driver, and it w...

21st May 2009 11:05

[COLOR=black]Yeah, only make a nodraw_solid brush (from the system textures);)[/COLOR]

20th May 2009 13:05

[COLOR=Navy]I think you should to do, what NAB said, he know these;)[/COLOR]

19th May 2009 10:05

Afte[COLOR=black]r you tried it, please tell us, what happend:D Thanks;)[/COLOR]

19th May 2009 10:05

Is it using the default engine for graphics? I can't believe that last screenshot is from JKA o.O

2nd May 2013 21:05