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If someone gets me images, I could skin it easily, the only thing is that I need images!:rock:

3rd March 2003 13:03

aaahhh...does anyone still want the file?

7th April 2003 22:04

Tanks there!

16th May 2003 00:05

There's a model of a moto being done for....urban warfare I think but I'm not sure...or maybe pimp w...

14th May 2003 22:05

D00d, the model is the object, its shape, and the skin is like the "painting" on it

14th May 2003 22:05

first open console and type in game.listplayers A list will appear, you spot your friend's name an...

7th May 2003 00:05

Nah not those on my site, it's a B17 skin and I tried to do an installer and I wanna see if it works...

6th May 2003 11:05

Ok I just made a skin, it's not my first one so don't worry, your computer won't crash but I just do...

6th May 2003 02:05

Ok her's my problem, I'm working on a skin for the B17 and I have a problem, there is no "chorme" ef...

3rd May 2003 16:05

Well you open the dds file, edit it and then save it with these options selected : http://www.geocit...

18th April 2003 22:04

That's an hard one I remember, the read me isn't very clear but....if I don't suffer from ahzeimer I...

13th April 2003 12:04

airix, think he did finally....

10th April 2003 01:04

airix, I think he doesn't want it anymore...

9th April 2003 11:04

yeah, I'll post it soon

8th April 2003 11:04

mmmmmhhh...ok, man, if you do it like that do you still get to mess with the fuselage thingies (you...

7th April 2003 22:04

:agreed Yesterday, same thing happened to me 1 time playing on Stalingrad, I got killed by a guy (do...

23rd May 2003 02:05

nice one! you just played with the color balance eh?

7th April 2003 22:04

you welcome

6th April 2003 02:04

Do you mean you are trying to put Tom Hanks' face on the file? If you see face_ame2_h.dds, it means...

3rd April 2003 21:04

no, my job wasn't doing a skin, it was monitiring and testing a website lmao

31st March 2003 12:03

yeah.....common administrators! delete this thread!

30th March 2003 21:03

Yeah of course I'll do it! Today I got to my first job and earned 40 bucks =)

30th March 2003 19:03

sorry problem delete this post

30th March 2003 19:03

so it's ok like that? no changes ?

29th March 2003 16:03

Ok here is what I did for now, it's not finished but I wanna know if the font and flag are alright (...

29th March 2003 16:03