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I have quite a few briges now but I can't use half of them because I can't scroll down to the bottom...

4th June 2004 10:06

I have turned on the bridge scrolling mutator but it still doesn't work. I thought I read somewhere...

4th June 2004 19:06

Thanks, that's all I had to do!

4th June 2004 21:06

The AI for the Prometheus isn't a problem with me, it's the sound effects. I don't have any sound ef...

6th June 2004 00:06

Ok I got the sounds to work but now I can't get the MVAM Galaxy and Prometheus to seperate!! AHHHH!

6th June 2004 00:06

Ok I got everything to work now! Thanks anyway

6th June 2004 00:06

I read that you can control the speed your going at warp, is this true? and if so how can you do it?

6th June 2004 07:06

Does the new Soverign ship the nx73811 have seperating abilities or can it just be used individually...

4th July 2004 01:07