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it's from TFU:USE

25th December 2009 03:12

I was wondering if someone could make a han solo model/ skin pack because no one has done one for je...

4th December 2010 08:12

whoa that looks so amazing! your model work is some of the best i've seen!!

14th June 2010 03:06

can any one find me the Devil MAy Cry 4 Nero model?

7th March 2010 07:03

oh my gosh... that looks amazing!!

31st December 2009 08:12

hey botdra, any luck with finding it?

26th December 2009 14:12

thanks guys. it's like a Vader/Clone hybrid baby thing. Like a Predalien without the fail of AVP:R

25th December 2009 05:12

thanks Botdra, and i can wait a while

25th December 2009 05:12

i know i just thought it should be shared

25th December 2009 03:12

i was playing SP and i died, then this happened. i'll see if i can get it to happen again to take be...

25th December 2009 03:12

whoa that place has a bunch of really cool stuff, but if i try downloading anything it still says fi...

24th December 2009 23:12

when do you plan to release the keyblades?

20th July 2009 15:07

I liked the Tatooine level the most. Probably just the whole rampaging through Jabba's palace thing...

24th December 2009 16:12

Anyone remember the Jabba's Sail Barge map made by CoolMoed for JO? I was just wondering if someone...

24th December 2009 15:12

yeah sure that mod sounded like it would be fun, but i never really had any faith at all in it. all...

24th December 2009 13:12

botdra, i'm honored

24th December 2009 10:12

so that mod is pretty much dead now? oh well, i have TFU:USE on my pc anyway. it's a much better sol...

24th December 2009 09:12

whoa that looks really good. this looks like we should be getting good models and skins soon

22nd December 2009 03:12

id like to see durge get made

31st August 2009 04:08

looks good. hope you finish it soon

23rd July 2009 15:07

okay thanks guys

5th December 2010 03:12