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The rumors are true. TD| Tactical Domination has returned, but this time around we'll be playing Bat...

21st October 2002 02:10

And it still continues. "No, your immature." No, you are.' "I'm rubber you're glue..................

29th November 2002 02:11

I guess you missed my point last post. Right over your head. Especially how you did exactly what m...

25th November 2002 13:11


28th November 2002 02:11

all EA US servers are 1.2!!!!!!!!!!!!

28th November 2002 04:11,11095,466245,00.html

28th November 2002 04:11

28th November 2002 04:11

Yeah, it is not like the kid's were overreacting in this thread............

28th November 2002 06:11

kombatant, go to the begining of this thread. Read how you, and the others, were acting about the...

29th November 2002 00:11

This is still going?

29th November 2002 23:11

Crow, do you have AA on? If so, turn it off ASAP.

25th November 2002 01:11


30th November 2002 04:11

Guess how many online petitions actually work? About 0.05%.

1st December 2002 02:12


2nd December 2002 01:12

Originally posted by devius those of us that were playing this since b4 it came out (demo days) an...

3rd December 2002 01:12

SF, You are thinking of ATI when they first released their 8500. Driver support is on par with, an...

10th December 2002 23:12

We are currently at 24 members, 7 are inactive. We are a team that uses tactics and strategy, and en...

30th December 2002 03:12


1st January 2003 02:01


3rd January 2003 22:01

Oh boy, here we go. "No, you're the child." "Not ah, you're the child." "No sir, you are." "I kn...

25th November 2002 08:11

We are especially looking for a few good pilots. We are looking for guys that are good at bombing ru...

25th November 2002 00:11

We are currently at 14 members, looking to round out our roster. If you are a mature gamer, looking...

24th October 2002 21:10

Oh boy, kids overracting about the patcha nd expansion. Gee, who would have guessed..........

22nd November 2002 00:11

Our website was mentioned in the post. You are younger than what we usually allow. Keep loooking,...

27th October 2002 02:10


6th November 2002 07:11
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