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0/10 You do not have one, and you called me fat! :)

14th August 2005 03:08

You better find it! LOL

14th August 2005 03:08

10/10 Very nice sig! Simple, yet sweet!

14th August 2005 02:08

I play BF1942 with a Celeron 667 CPU and a MX4000!

14th August 2005 02:08

18 hrs on Enemy Territory Fortress when it first came out earlier this year. 10 hrs on Wofenstein:...

14th August 2005 02:08

Sorry. You will have to buy a new BFV CD to play. The price has come down alot since BF2 came out...

14th August 2005 02:08

I have had this happen to me also. It usually happens after running a large program, or a game. I j...

14th August 2005 00:08

7/10 Very true!

13th August 2005 22:08

8/10 nice!

12th August 2005 05:08

6/10 yeah, that!

11th August 2005 09:08

I purchased a new fan belt for my car and on the back of the package sleeve it was in read...........

19th December 2009 11:12