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You know this Game needs... A Single Player Mode with AI on your side too More Helicopters suc...

10th August 2004 17:08

That'd be pretty cool and it adds T-72's T-54's etc. and Mi-24's AH-64's Ah-1J's etc. and Airplanes...

10th August 2004 20:08

dude if russia was never involved with ww2 than us wouldve nuked em' k thx bye

15th July 2005 20:07

Well everone guess what!?The germans lost!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

15th July 2005 23:07

Genocide Clan or -|gC|- needs recruits We are a Call Of Duty clan this will later on move to Battle...

27th July 2005 22:07

watching the Pointe Du Hoc video there was a part where a guy was in the trench and a mortor hit him...

4th August 2005 22:08

simply no.I bought it and its nothing but a piece of shit.

7th August 2005 23:08

joint ops ''says'' it doesnt require much but every damn time the FPS rate is hella damn hav...

10th August 2005 20:08

indeed i got raped by buying this game like i coulda gotten BF:V!

13th August 2005 12:08

holy shit this is going to be sooo fuking sick

11th September 2005 08:09

i just hope it doesnt require higher systems like bf2...

20th September 2005 02:09

For Winter Assault or Standard Dawn Of War?

25th September 2005 20:09

Alright guys. I never had a problem with a clan server before but here is one that should be on the...

28th September 2005 00:09

He leads the fight against the Combine, duh.

15th December 2005 02:12

Heh, there's always some damn Canadian that wants Canada to be in eh? :rolleyes:

2nd April 2006 04:04