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Hey guys, For some reason the JediMod isnt showing up in my Mods options, I made sure all the files...

31st July 2002 05:07

I put them in the gamedata/base/Jedimod folder and I made sure all the files where in there, then i...

1st August 2002 10:08

Thank you so much!!! it's working now guys, I appriciate your help :)

2nd August 2002 06:08

Well I agree it would be nice to have Jabaa, but untill you can do skins better than the people doin...

3rd August 2002 15:08

3rd August 2002 15:08

There's alot of really cool ones out there but, I use Jedi Trainer :)

6th August 2002 13:08


6th August 2002 13:08

*bump* for Jesson, i'm curious to!

9th August 2002 02:08

*bump* I know good and well somebody knows cmon share it guys, it's not like its an advantage, pleas...

9th August 2002 11:08

Ok I went and figured it out for you, download the new JediMod v1.2 and bring the console up and typ...

11th August 2002 00:08