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hi, im new to the game and im having problems hosting a game online, the game doesnt show up in the...

21st December 2005 22:12

hello, err cant seem to host, ive opened the right ports on router and zone alarms and cant seem to...

2nd January 2008 04:01

well if for one would like to see loads of xindi ships and more from ent era as bc seems to lack a l...

25th October 2006 01:10

from what i understand (although i dont own the game yet) you cant attack a perticular subsystem as...

19th December 2006 21:12

Welcome all I'm RA Edwards Representing the USF. We are a Bridge Commander clan and will be moving i...

11th January 2007 03:01

i hear where your coming from pal. one can only hope that future patches will include what you've me...

28th January 2007 04:01

hi, ive been a long time player of bc, ive got some idea how to fix general problems, however ive...

31st March 2007 14:03

my graphics are.... intel shared gaphics onboard, so.....

2nd April 2007 02:04

yeah u were right went onto intels website found the correct drivers, seems acers driers are bull th...

4th April 2007 22:04

i had same problem when i put the game onto my laptop. installing the latest drivers fixed it fine

13th May 2007 23:05

i believe he is referring to the opening on ports on routers, all i can suggest is reading your rou...

25th September 2007 01:09

link didn't work for me, but if its the one i assume its off 13th Warrior not sure about the name.

27th September 2007 02:09

would be a great map if one was ever made

12th November 2007 06:11

well despite opening the correct ports i am still unable to host

3rd January 2008 03:01

nothingwrong with instalation, just goes wierd when i try to play the game

6th October 2006 14:10

aye and have done it with dynamic and static ip

3rd January 2008 04:01

how old are u smith 11, 12? or a sad pathetic 40 year old at home with mommy?

7th January 2008 00:01

i mean u guys are like nazi's talking about being unpure and crap like that its disgusting.

7th January 2008 04:01

judgeking;4107193How about the Valiant Class? this is it i think: Hollis J. Wood's Valiant, Bridg...

8th January 2008 04:01

Stage6 · Star Trek Teaser Trailer - 1080p HD - Video and Download · Lemur19 hd trailer better qual.

28th January 2008 06:01

here here :D

30th January 2008 02:01


16th February 2008 09:02

i have this problem when playing mp from time to time, ive jst put it down to vista being arsey. hav...

1st March 2008 21:03

representing -=USF=-, we're in CPT Torrex

2nd May 2008 06:05

since u have original disk u can make a copy for urself, cud use alcohol 120%

21st October 2006 03:10
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