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sry 2 inform u guys but i saw those pics about a week ago and on them it said halomods and u know th...

11th October 2004 05:10

system link cable

7th November 2004 09:11

the easiest way to get on blood gulch is....i believe its the blue base and theres a dark spot that...

20th October 2004 08:10

prisoner all rockets is really fun even with just 2 ppl:smokin:

22nd October 2004 06:10

i cant fricken wait til halo 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24th October 2004 03:10

im gonna play it through starting on easy and work my way up then when im done with that im gonna st...

25th October 2004 02:10

wont halo 2 start off where the first halo ended?thats what i read. the mc and cortana find out that...

26th October 2004 06:10

blaze earlier in this thread it said that elites would be playable in campaign?i dont get that?can u...

26th October 2004 06:10

i dont really want xbox 2 to come out:uhm: cuz im not gonna be able 2 get enough money for it cuz th...

27th October 2004 07:10


7th November 2004 09:11


7th November 2004 09:11

i meant i agreed with what u think will happen in halo 2:p

19th October 2004 07:10

i hate nintendo

7th November 2004 09:11

good idea ill do it;)

7th November 2004 09:11

im kinda glad they took the atv out it seems like it would be weird but it would still be cool if th...

7th November 2004 09:11

This thread is funny. Everyone is trying to be nice so he joins their clan.

7th November 2004 09:11

know what weird? on halo2.com in the human vehicles part theres a pic of an atv why is that?

7th November 2004 23:11

i donated:cya:

13th November 2004 08:11

halo 2 has the best multiplayer out of any game ever period

16th December 2004 21:12

its kinda a cheap way to beat the game,but i beat it on legendary by shooting the wings off my bansh...

16th December 2004 21:12

halo 2,gta san andreas,new splinter cell comin out fairly soon,NFSU2, tony hawks underground 2

20th October 2004 05:10

where do you find the pics like the ones from blood gulch?

19th October 2004 07:10

a halo movie would be awesome they would make a ton of money too because theres soooo many people th...

11th October 2004 07:10

ok...i want to get xbox live before halo 2 comes out and i need a wireless connection and i want to...

16th October 2004 07:10

pistols r my weapon but in halo 2 ill like the battle rifle probably cuz the pistol or magnum in hal...

11th October 2004 07:10
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