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While awaiting gamestate I get a message near the bottom of the screen that says "Remove the white s...

28th August 2004 06:08

It may not be out tomorrow, we ran into some snags on the model.

20th May 2006 04:05

there is no set date as of now, nor will we announce one. Day 5. Done for a while. Sorry for b...

4th March 2006 07:03

Secrets, secrets, secrets.

5th March 2006 02:03

Its a standard Infantry stance. Anyway, whenever I get the Skinned Eclipse its going on the LoW fo...

5th March 2006 07:03

Oh we'll do it. *grin*

6th March 2006 05:03

Just to let everyone know, I have posted 3 members-only updates on the LoW forum. Textured Yoda is o...

17th March 2006 22:03

I do semi-monthly Updates. The March Update is done.

19th March 2006 03:03

They are coming. They are in the testing and polishing phase right now.

20th March 2006 00:03

Pretty good skins. Me like. Can't wait for the other 12.

20th March 2006 02:03

Hello Legacy of War Fans, your eyes are not decieving you, I have returned but as Co-Leader. Halo 3...

20th May 2006 20:05

Day 3 I'm going to start today's Update a bit differently. In our Media section we have severa...

2nd March 2006 21:03

Very very soon.

25th May 2006 05:05

Its up....RIGHT NOW. http://legacy.gamemod.net/

25th May 2006 19:05

Smething big is coming in July.:cool: :cool: :cool: Far better than anything that has come before...

17th June 2006 23:06

Go to the forum and register and join in the discussion there. Its going very nice, and I have revea...

19th June 2006 10:06

Someone hacked the forum.

19th June 2006 20:06

Forum is back.

20th June 2006 21:06

They said this week.

3rd August 2006 22:08

You're a bit slow.

4th August 2006 02:08

SchrödingerExactly, and EvilTuskin, stop damn spamming, you have been reported. Are you a Moderato...

5th September 2006 05:09

Server is back up.

11th September 2006 21:09

Day 4. Yoda will be shown Saturday :) Today is Friday, Day 4. I will show the rest of the mode...

3rd March 2006 09:03

Ash....you know this is only Day 2 of 5...not day 2 of 2....

1st March 2006 21:03

Hello all, I'm Juggernaut1985, Leader of Legacy of War. A few days ago we completed the Executor so...

9th December 2005 00:12
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