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i thought the new ent looked like the TMP connie and TOS connie combined cause you can see aspects o...

29th September 2008 03:09

=D im ready to dl this cool mod when its ready gl on developing it =D

28th August 2008 08:08

the name of the game is patience my friend patience im going to be wating fo a while for the U.S,S T...

3rd August 2008 23:08

congrats and im amazed i am going to dl the entire thing if not for this one ship.this is truly art.

17th August 2008 04:08

has anyone done the Valkyres from ST: Invasion those would be awesome to be put in there. not just t...

15th August 2008 20:08

just take your time and get it done right don't rush art. gl trying to get it running. =D

8th August 2008 07:08

woah thatsa ship i want it badly. =D thank you johnnymuffintop for unearthing such a fine ship ^^ i...

7th August 2008 22:08

i have an odd error with my free cam. i can only use it once per mission. it ruined a chance of gett...

6th August 2008 23:08

when am i going to see the constelation i want to see art =D

5th August 2008 06:08

endulge yourself acid i looked (finding my old sentinel friend) and there is no ship there like it s...

4th August 2008 06:08

i think it has been done already.

3rd August 2008 23:08

i think its ur vid card cause when i tried to start BF2 SF with a RADEON X300 all i got was a black...

3rd February 2008 07:02

i luv killin heros with vehicles. my funniest one was on theed and someone was pwnin my clones with...

11th November 2007 23:11

is AA special forces a game that can be purchased at a store

27th September 2004 12:09

thx. and as i said the armored voyger is basically the End Game Voyager minus the armour. the torps...

26th April 2007 03:04

never knew about that thx

29th April 2007 04:04

i have been reading my ST New Frontier books and found an iteresting MVAM model. it is called the Ex...

29th April 2007 04:04

Make Heavy Chain Zangestu too thats such a kewl blade

29th April 2007 04:04

another ship to add is the Excalibur-A. This moddified Galaxy class comes from the ST book series Ne...

29th April 2007 03:04

we also need a new scimitar the old one is just to bland in textures these days. and as an added fea...

26th April 2007 04:04

im having teh same open gl problem and i have vista home edition any help plz????????? oh and make...

26th April 2007 03:04

i have insight broadband but yet i do not know what teh problem is

26th April 2007 03:04

i am very sry if my first post offended anyone and it proabibly did so i am very very sorry but at...

25th April 2007 09:04

another ship to suggest would be the Eclipse Star Destroyer =P it would :KTA: the borg

14th May 2007 01:05

i keep getting this darned message every time i connect into servers "connection with host lost" >...

19th April 2007 06:04