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Today I started a jedi_hm skin. I put it into the jedi_hm folder and all that, but when I tried test...

29th July 2010 12:07

I'm currently working on a clan map, and I have been making small ones for quite some time, clan rel...

19th July 2010 04:07

Might wanna ask now then.

16th July 2010 05:07

Hmmm Odd, people are complaining in the comments that the download link doesn't work, I checked this...

16th July 2010 01:07

Thanks for the suggestions guys, and yeah, I figure if I touch up the face anymore, I'll just destro...

14th July 2010 22:07

(Those musketeers are coming soon btw)

14th July 2010 06:07

The amount of potential and awesome in this mod makes me a very happy Kalek.

3rd April 2010 21:04

Nope, I put it to my current info and everything, and thanks Caelum.

14th July 2010 06:07

A while back, I had my display name on jk3files changed from Advent Oni, to Kalek_Dakarr. This is th...

14th July 2010 04:07

Oh my Cod. It refuses to stay dead, keeps twitching! And Botdra's right. He really isn't. <_

13th July 2010 23:07

This is really really perdy. Them Biff boys got mighty perdy moufs. I like that model o.o

13th July 2010 23:07

Yes yes, Kalek too!

7th July 2010 02:07

Tricorder;5288119You prefer to see them naked, hmm? :naughty: :lulz: Yes. A thousand times yes. And...

7th April 2010 05:04

Hi there, could anyone possibly make a replacement mod for me? I want the swings for strong style t...

6th April 2010 11:04

I love your mod. I've never enjoyed a mod in the way that I enjoyed this one. I want to have babies...

5th April 2010 10:04

Ashura I freaking love you. I do. Marry me. Bebbehs and stuff.. Anywho, the force repulse stuff, I...

23rd December 2009 06:12

Unless your Kalek and you already have a version from your buddeh Walker :D

19th December 2009 10:12

Thanks guys :D

30th July 2010 10:07

Thanks Inyri, seriously. But yes, just one question. For future reference, how do I split the model...

18th October 2009 20:10

This looks great! The blooded up one just looks a bit eh

21st October 2009 19:10

Erm no. No I did not, didn't even know that I had to...Or what it is for that matter

20th October 2009 04:10

I think I'll be a hopeful skeptic for this, I'd rather see how it goes rather then get involved in i...

20th October 2009 04:10

Ah ok then. Well then another question! When I used your tutorial (And I still do as a guideline), I...

20th October 2009 04:10

Ah thanks, I think I'll keep questions to pm from now on to prevent the bumping of the topic

20th October 2009 04:10

So...What do you do exactly? And just how large is this team of yours?

19th October 2009 09:10