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Sorry for seaming so oblivious but, where is that button?

19th October 2009 06:10

Try this. I backed it up before I tried that smoothing stuff

18th October 2009 10:10

((Pancake + Saber)^Badger)/Babies Hmmm... Progress...

23rd October 2009 08:10

Here you go

18th October 2009 07:10

Hmmm, it didn't work, the verts actually got higher...... Ok Plan B, what do I click on to cut this...

18th October 2009 07:10

Sure, I'll release xP

18th October 2009 04:10

Bah, I didn't see those previous two posts. I'll try what you posted Ryojin. Thanks guys!

18th October 2009 01:10

Agh. I thought as much. Any suggestions?

18th October 2009 00:10

Thanks. What does this mean btw... I finished it up and tried to load it in modview

18th October 2009 00:10

I think the problem may be the UV mapping bit, I should have applied a texture. Anyhow, here is the...

17th October 2009 23:10

That and, I doubt anyone would want to model something like a rancor, or any creature for that matte...

17th October 2009 21:10

General Jaxun;5046192 We DO need bloom, though. There's a VG cats issue you need to read..... This...

22nd October 2009 08:10

Yeah the detail on this guy would be impossible with just a skin. A model would be the only way

23rd October 2009 08:10

Nozyspy;5164611I was under the impression this was a product of magic and had never been figured out...

11th December 2009 04:12

Yeah I'm skeptical too, hell when I was on the team, I hadn't been mapping for more than 3 days, and...

9th November 2009 06:11

Why not just play with a keyboard and mouse?

8th December 2009 07:12

This is hilarious xD

7th December 2009 02:12

Isn't that the problem JAU had from the start? Just let anyone who claims to be a modder join? Then...

29th November 2009 23:11

When was the last time he even posted in this thread....Or these forums for that matter

28th November 2009 01:11

The star forge sphere looks like a big thermal detonator. <_

17th November 2009 06:11

One more rant and I'll be going. I recall it being said that the dev team will make all of their own...

16th November 2009 00:11

My map wasn't that great actually. What I was working on took me a few days, now, I could remake it...

9th November 2009 06:11

For future reference I direct you to this thread: http://forums.filefront.com/sw-jk3-modding-mapping...

23rd October 2009 09:10

Can you map...? At all?

31st October 2009 21:10

Ryojin;5055058You could do what I do: Fake it until you actually have an idea about what you're doin...

31st October 2009 07:10