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I do not understand ... could explain better? Any way,good work! EDIT: If you want,look those links...

20th January 2011 19:01

The demo was nice, especially the''review''of Rahn on the Maw. Of course I found it strange Maw kick...

5th February 2011 08:02

Will be like 2000 ... Fail of the century xP As for the characters I thought you already had their...

4th March 2011 23:03

Hey! How did find Gorc and Pic? You made the characters or found on the net?

3rd March 2011 07:03

Woohoo! Waiting ^^

16th February 2011 08:02

Ok ^^

13th February 2011 20:02

Hey, I have a doubt about the final version: By the time the talk Rahn, the camera will stay still o...

13th February 2011 07:02

If you can, you could put more taunts for the Maw. It would be nice as we battle he keeps talking ab...

5th February 2011 22:02

Sorry for the ''personagem'' I was very busy that I never even see the 1st page: P And thanks for...

4th February 2011 08:02

Retracing the previous question, any idea when the beta comes out or version 1.0 or something? : D I...

25th January 2011 02:01

The game will have some extra? Like, you know, a new pesonagem, an arena ... I would love to have a...

3rd February 2011 09:02

Very good, really interesting. Or better: this looks interesting!

29th January 2011 07:01

You are talking about levels of Yun and brothers sith? If these, I think I should use, but of course...

26th January 2011 07:01

There are mods that improve the graphics a bit of DF2. But the game is very good!

26th January 2011 02:01

Good thing I play Dark Forces 2 to this day! But you can also watch the gameplay or cutscenes ^ ^

25th January 2011 19:01

Thanks for the info! But it seems KotF will actually be released this year (well, I hope)

25th January 2011 07:01

No offense, but the mod is dead? How's the mod?

25th April 2011 08:04