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hehe :p .. Give me ut2k4 now :Censored: Is it good?

18th March 2004 15:03

Is this true? :cool:

18th March 2004 18:03

Yoshi`s adventure i think its called for N64. that sucked!!!

18th March 2004 21:03

I like: Big mommas house (;)) and S.W.A.T.

18th March 2004 21:03

oh ok, lucky me that it doesnt lag or something. :bows:.. Gone to play some demo :uhoh:..

19th March 2004 03:03

Yeah, a stunt map with just ramps and high cliffs would be COOL!

19th March 2004 03:03

Well, it gonna come... I promise you. Many have that idea and some of them have to do it... (i hope)...

19th March 2004 03:03

BF: Vietnam is one of the best.

22nd March 2004 00:03

Probably it is the problem. I have a Fan that can only handle 1.3 ghz. But i have a 2.1ghz and i hav...

19th March 2004 03:03

Yes, you would lie :giggle:

19th March 2004 04:03

Yeah, Martin Lawrence is one of the best!

19th March 2004 17:03

Cambolisten to this ->http://www.ripolot.com/audio/mp3/whitemansrap.mp3 white man's rap. its funn...

19th March 2004 17:03

btw: Where does that "toilet car" hide?

19th March 2004 17:03

manslauterrussains dont lie :P Hehe, who knows? ;)

19th March 2004 17:03

Nvidia Geforce 5200 128mb isnt good. Its a ok card for some games with not high requirements on the...

19th March 2004 17:03

Thanks dude! :)

20th March 2004 01:03

Hehe, if they are annoying or fuck with one. Then i love to tk them!!

20th March 2004 03:03

Sounds nice!:nodding:

21st March 2004 20:03