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With out dragon nothing new can be made. That being stated I'm currently trying to set medium stance...

3rd March 2006 09:03

Hey Mini, if you don't want to work on the rigging tut right now would you consider another tut? I'd...

10th March 2010 15:03

1st person mode is not handled by the animations. At least as far as I know, I can't edit those. Sor...

17th March 2010 06:03

Yase that is very nice looking.

15th March 2010 09:03

Double check the readme.

15th March 2010 09:03

If you're making rgb sabers, why not make multiple saber cores for people to choose as well? Thin an...

14th March 2010 23:03

The one in the pic looks like a Reborn New reskin.

14th March 2010 23:03

Cutscenes didn't work too well. Sometimes fine, other times not.

14th March 2010 23:03

Yeah that is pretty good. Keep it up, you're doing a good job so far.

11th March 2010 06:03

Thanks a lot! You've been singing xsi's praise that it will be neat to see if I can use it.

11th March 2010 02:03

Mini, for your tut would it be possible to upload a JO custom model and then rig it for JA? Since yo...

10th March 2010 01:03

I'm backed up with other projects at the moment so I can't take anything on that is too complex like...

18th March 2010 08:03

It doesn't sound like he is messing with base files, but the df mod sound files. Just extract and p...

9th March 2010 05:03

Based off your pic a Reborn reskin would work.

9th March 2010 04:03

Easy, there isn't one. There are some reskins of Dante into Nero on jk3files.com Happy hunting.

8th March 2010 03:03

I can give you some advice on transitions since I made new transitions for the Link shield style. Ha...

8th March 2010 03:03

I still think Gwenth since she has gun holsters like your ref pic does. But I know you don't like th...

7th March 2010 04:03

Doesn't seem so. Your best bet is to take a female model and reskin it into a tie outfit.

7th March 2010 02:03

If you didn't need the helmet any number of female models would be fine. One I like the most is Gwen...

6th March 2010 10:03

I do animations. So if you want any help in that department feel free to hit me up.

6th March 2010 07:03

He doesn't even need to make a autoexec file. Just open up the jaconfig.cfg and add a saber bind the...

17th March 2010 06:03

Hi, I made that screenshot you posted. Do you mean you want to use a backhand stance or fighting sty...

18th March 2010 08:03

Yeah that looks fine. I think the tentacles look fine for her hat.

5th March 2010 03:03

True there. It would be tedious. Easier to just make an npc and enjoy it that way.

26th March 2010 02:03

I've seen the Canadian Navy, good luck with that.

31st March 2010 23:03