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okay next question: do i need FH to make this work? i'm trying to make it work for bf1942.. if a m...

12th January 2006 00:01

i think FH has alot of really cool experiences in the beginning of maps.. such as jumping out of the...

18th November 2005 02:11

maybe its just me but the colt 1911 still isn't tickling my willy. it doesn't work well with the 'fi...

6th December 2005 23:12

hmm alright, i will give hslan and wold another try and let you know my thoughts.

18th November 2005 20:11

okay two suggestions.. sorry its not on that mentioned forum but i don't have time: - scope's gran...

20th November 2005 18:11

the metallic sound of the k98 bothers me a bit, thhink you can fix that up?

22nd November 2005 20:11

i think the colt sound needs tweaking too.

23rd November 2005 03:11

hold the joystick between your legs like real pilots. :)

26th November 2005 03:11

i'm getting the 2nd release too.. texture pack + bratwurst sound pack = ownage.

26th November 2005 03:11

i currently play FH under medium sound detail settings.. its runs alot better that way on my old pc....

26th November 2005 04:11

oh awesome, you rock bratwurst! :)

26th November 2005 20:11

hey bratworst i'm wondering, have you consideredd workin on the reloading sounds for the weapons? pe...

30th November 2005 01:11

hey posted this in the other thread but haven't gotten a reply yet.. hey bratworst i'm wonder...

30th November 2005 23:11

i'm sure my friend tim and i could record some screams of pain. :)

1st December 2005 20:12


2nd December 2005 23:12

awesome, looking forward to this map! :)

4th December 2005 17:12

amazing... so when is the fan mappack coming out?

5th December 2005 21:12

just wondering if it would be possible to have a strap modeled for it (i don't know what its called,...

6th December 2005 23:12

thank you lobo!!!!!11!!!! :nodding:

11th January 2006 02:01

AWESOME! you kick ass bratwurst.. did you look into that thing about the extra voice commands diss...

11th December 2005 20:12

what and where is the code (i don't have FH at the moment) that makes CPs require two teammates to c...

10th January 2006 21:01

well i meant on invisible's textures.. i was really itching to see a final result.

13th December 2005 20:12

my only suggestion is that the front tires are way to thick.. make sure the front tires are thinner...

13th December 2005 12:12

any updates?

13th December 2005 12:12

'[nlInvincible']oke i updated the Lcvp, The colors are pretty good thought? Only the markings, They...

11th December 2005 20:12