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:cya: Hi all ! I'm from Russia. I create this thread becose i want now that YOU think about DooM III...

6th September 2004 12:09

yes! pls! sum1 take sum screenshots! pls i beg of u! and Anakan992 should right cause he offered to

10th November 2006 21:11

sry, somthing wierd happened, if the reply i put earlier is not at the bottom (above this one) then...

8th May 2007 04:05

ok im trying it now.... ok it still doesn't work, might it be a problem w/ the arena file? if it is...

8th May 2007 04:05

TY MUCH!!!!!:bows:

17th April 2007 05:04

oh, and btw can I have the name on it be Mnfish? TY:)

16th April 2007 07:04

Hello, I need a sig and avatar that match, using the background on the first Pic, and the guys on th...

14th April 2007 06:04

hey, I just had a great idea! ok, whit if somebody makes a lightsaber hilt, thats like a night guard...

3rd April 2007 06:04

refrence pics? or did they even have a pic or even show manbearpig's face on da South park?

23rd November 2006 00:11

Now i know people are thinking "why would anyone request this for a skin?" but i do have my reasons....

21st November 2006 09:11

How do you put trees and bushes in your map using radiant? Im making a project with a map and i reel...

16th November 2006 09:11

and it really doesn't help anyone else by asking it, just be patient. or meditate. not kidding.

13th November 2006 05:11

you should do Basch from FFXII hes cool, or you could do Balthier they're both good candidates:D

10th November 2006 21:11


31st October 2006 21:10

ok, I did all of that, and my map is in a pk3, it still doesn't show up, so theres no way for me to...

8th May 2007 05:05

yah just do em urself! wats the worst that could happen right? (it happens though)

31st October 2006 21:10

yay! Inyri Back in Action! A Blockbuster Title! lol :D

27th October 2006 07:10

im sry that one pic didn't show up, ok here it is

25th October 2006 20:10

i guess i made a good request afterall :D but really folks everyone should give congrats to Inyri (e...

25th October 2006 19:10

im getting bored with the ones i have so here are sum reference pics Spoiler: Show and of course...

25th October 2006 19:10

riku;3311401looks really good when you going to make the Organization XIII cloths for him[/quote] di...

24th October 2006 20:10

its getting there! awesome! and i downloaded ur oblivion keyblade as soon as i saw it :D

18th October 2006 19:10

i agree:nodding:

18th October 2006 04:10

sry but like i said earlier, peanut butter isn't my favorite *cough SPAM cough*:p

18th October 2006 04:10

Anakin992;3294316 Oh, and BTW, this is for Inyri..... lol

18th October 2006 04:10