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for the past 5 days i have been unable to get on armada fleet comand

20th February 2006 16:02

kool do the above skins work for mp and sp or just one

12th June 2006 10:06

thats kool ive been looking for a modern skin pack i cant seem to find a modern weapons mod

11th June 2006 13:06

dose it replcae the colt ?

11th June 2006 13:06

i need a pic of it on rite b4 the ships come through

11th June 2006 14:06

thats great thanks i have been able to find this but i no at least 1 exists dose any body know...

11th June 2006 21:06

ya the picture wasent too good i used a ss from an episode Edit: need a second opinion i got t...

11th June 2006 21:06

well maybe have a non cannon x300/b300 a human alkesh version

12th June 2006 01:06

where might i be able to get this and how wuld you make it work in sp not mp?

12th June 2006 10:06

i exported a ship into sod and opened it in storm 3d and it looks like this shuld it look that w...

12th June 2006 12:06

thank you very much ok new problem whats it mean when it says you must have at least 1 frame in t...

11th June 2006 06:06

do i need to select the entire ship first ?

13th June 2006 09:06

thats pretty kool

13th June 2006 09:06

hmmmm sounds interesting

13th June 2006 10:06

is this for a1 or a2 i can do odfs build buttons wire frames...

13th June 2006 10:06

ok i push ctrl all it selectsa all the ship turns red then i click weld ?

13th June 2006 14:06

those are relly nice

13th June 2006 15:06

am i suposed to do it b4 i add hps ?

13th June 2006 15:06

well it didnt look that way when i added the hps

14th June 2006 00:06


11th June 2006 13:06

what i dont uderstand theres noth wrong with my grfx card....

11th June 2006 06:06

what format are they in ?

15th June 2006 02:06

in the show what color are the rails when fired?

5th June 2006 12:06

the file/program in armada 2 that reads the sod files can it be put in a1 and replace the a1 one so...

3rd June 2006 16:06

it shows up as if i made no changes

4th June 2006 10:06