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Hi all, do you speak of this great music ? click I love it, and I hope it will be in the release:)

24th June 2007 18:06

A Jumbo for example can easily beat a Tiger without damage if it has the correct angle.

19th November 2007 00:11

French own !!!!!!!

7th October 2007 20:10

Adak Island (worst map ever imho:uhoh:) ; Operation Blacknight (i don't like it, too dark) ; Berli...

31st October 2007 20:10

I've been already killed by a 50. Cal while flying with BF110 on Crète.

5th November 2007 19:11

Bernard et Bianca au pays des kangourous alias The Rescuers Down Under.

9th November 2007 02:11

Spoiler: Show

9th November 2007 04:11

MG42Maniac;4023977Kill BillYep, your turn:cool:

9th November 2007 06:11

Maps: Ramelle-Neuville ; Arnhem ; Market-Garden ; Operation Nordwind ; Prokhorovka Weapon: M1 Garand...

11th December 2007 03:12

FeelFree;3900608Wouldnt it be kinda awkward if you get shot in the foot or arm and die?In fact, you...

4th September 2007 03:09

Archimonde0_0;4268421Id still play FH1 if all the servers werent Modded.... WHO THE HELL TAKES OFF...

22nd March 2008 07:03

I wanna see the Dead Man's Corner:) I also propose Cherbourg and the capture of Le fort du Roule. An...

21st April 2008 04:04

Is there gonna be again 4-5 bofors at Hill 107? I Remember how ju-52s were scared of that place in 0...

21st April 2008 20:04

Battle of Brest, Brittany 6 August - 17 September 1944, that's actually a coastal port in France tha...

4th May 2008 23:05

'[FtN|GT Die Happy;4492160']i loved the stuka zu fuss on alpen festung shelling the church hill from...

7th August 2008 18:08

Muhahaha, amazing ! Love this plane=p

6th November 2008 06:11

Who defeated them BTW?I forgot.France:D Excellent game, Zizou was awesome :D

28th September 2007 02:09

I also use arrow keys and I'm not too bad, even if I prefer avoid dogfight against good pilots.

31st August 2007 01:08

btw. Is there a Universal carrier with PIAT in 0.7?Yes -> Desert Rose 1942

30th June 2007 22:06

Patch 1.6 and then 1.61b.

25th July 2007 18:07

:naughty: As for as i'm concerned, to destroy the KT on Bulge, i prefer call the M36, because on...

18th July 2007 04:07

Spoiler: Show Textures 20% :D Not too hard to make a good score with Jumbo, on bulge, except the KT...

19th July 2007 20:07

It depend of the location of the server. Playing on a japanese server will give you a awefull ping i...

20th July 2007 06:07

Uberhauptstormfuhrer;3812812What?? an omaha map without the mobile spawn (aka the buffalo) Never see...

23rd July 2007 19:07

I enjoy playing Arnhem as British on AK server: there is only two puma and lots of hanomag. Then, it...

24th July 2007 02:07
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