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Is there a program that can produce JKA's GLM models without spending $4,000 on 3dsMAX? Just wonder...

4th May 2008 15:05

Punitore;5247121hi all i need a _sun light in my map. and i already used it for another map (where i...

21st February 2010 16:02

NAB622;5246086That was posted in the 'reason for editing' field. Put it in the actual post, goofball...

19th February 2010 03:02

Sensless;5246237Sorry if I didn't answer earlier but here in france, it was night time ^^'. Anyway,...

19th February 2010 17:02

Sensless;5246471Yeah, nearly what I'm looking for. If you don't want to carry on then I'll do with t...

19th February 2010 18:02

This may be it.

19th February 2010 21:02

Dude, you could turn jk3 into Mechwarrior with those, lol.

19th February 2010 21:02

Sensless;5246679That looks good. Thanks kidoncrack :). The blade looks a bit roundish but it's allr...

20th February 2010 01:02

Sensless;5247152Well my favorite hilt is the sentinel hilt that is already in the game. For the dobl...

21st February 2010 16:02

I think that only works in SP- you should script those anyway

21st February 2010 16:02

Sensless;5249597Forgive my impatience but are you nearly finished? Huh, I'd thought I'd sent them....

22nd February 2010 17:02

-Raz0r-;5245977Ehm, how exactly are you creating a white blade without replacing another? Abusing b...

19th February 2010 02:02

Sensless;5249816"Purity"? That reflects the blade well. Thank you very much! EDIT : Where do I put t...

22nd February 2010 18:02

So I've been trying to reskin the Sentry model, but it isn't working very well. I pulled the surface...

22nd February 2010 18:02

Why don't you abuse bladeEffect like I did with the whitesaber?

22nd February 2010 18:02

Sensless;5249851Well I've put the PK3 files in "base" and they will not show in SP when I start a ne...

22nd February 2010 18:02


23rd February 2010 00:02

PakRat did that I think, but it's only for mac and it's a messy beta

23rd February 2010 03:02

Ryojin;5250359Master Sticky When I read that, I got an image in my head of an odd cross between Mas...

23rd February 2010 03:02

NAB622;5250449I wasn't even aware that you could make them turn at all, SP or MP. o.0 Does nobody r...

23rd February 2010 03:02

NAB622;5246058What's the shader look like? nvm, got it ... I think I may finally have it. Tell me...

19th February 2010 03:02

Not quite there, but I thought this was cool:

18th February 2010 22:02

Hirman;5249254 Huh... reminds me of something from superman

23rd February 2010 03:02

Sorry, didn't happen to have a floating crucifix at the time, lol.

19th August 2009 14:08

Pande;4973344Well, how does xfire do it then. :S Indeed. :S

12th August 2009 02:08