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~*Seto*~;4973426I think the cynical yet accurate answer is that if you don't know enough about codin...

12th August 2009 10:08

NAB622;4973341 there are working ladders inside the mine as well. HOWWW??? ladder texture doesn't...

12th August 2009 17:08

-=*Ráz0r*=-;4973511I'd recommend talking to BobaFett (Creator of UU) Unfortunately, he's on vacation...

12th August 2009 18:08

Pande;4928360Hmmm.. if you somehow rigged the entire thing up with perfect alignment, you COULD repl...

13th August 2009 02:08

Sir, where did you get that water shader? I require it.

13th August 2009 02:08

Does it take input?

14th August 2009 00:08

So I was on my pyramid map, and all of the sudden the jawas I was killing floated up into the sky an...

19th August 2009 21:08

So, I made a shader, but it won't work for some reason. textures/viper/uvw_pic24 { q3map_material...

15th February 2010 10:02

Almost got it now, just need to get the shader to stop drawing the blade on top of the player.

19th February 2010 04:02

NAB622;5242013Check the in-game console, it usually tells you what's wrong. Although, I have a hunc...

15th February 2010 23:02

=Someone=;5242268Do you switch between textures in the second shader on purpose (note the qer_editor...

16th February 2010 04:02

Wait, what was the question?

17th February 2010 00:02

Shenron;5243959what I have in the light entity: You only have one light entity? 0_o Or is that just...

17th February 2010 11:02

Shenron;5244106I've tried various sizes, ranging from 50-5000, and I've moved it to several other pl...

17th February 2010 12:02

Gamefreakjf11;5244090Thanks for the help! However when I do the mp3 thing, my game crashes when the...

17th February 2010 12:02

A white bladed saber, without replacing the default hilts? I think I could cook something up.

19th February 2010 01:02

Thus far I have this: FileFront Gaming Forums (ignore the FPS, my web browser and JK3 don't play ni...

19th February 2010 03:02

Sensless;5245533Is this for SP as well? cause it's an MP screenshot. Can you make the blade's shape...

19th February 2010 03:02

you have too many entities in your map, the game can't spawn a new one for the blaster shots, etc

23rd February 2010 11:02

-Raz0r-;5250514I thought PakRat was the PK3 files viewer for Mac. it has a built-in model viewer t...

23rd February 2010 12:02

Use an external program to interface with JA?

12th August 2009 05:08

Mr. Wonko;5346646Blender can import 3ds. There are working md3 exporters, and md3view can convert md...

24th June 2010 20:06

you mean the assets pk3's?

24th March 2010 21:03

Spoiler: Show

24th March 2010 23:03

Set 'facing' flacg and angles.

27th March 2010 21:03