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I'm having trouble getting the patch to work. I've installed Inferno 1.1, deleted the scripts and co...

23rd April 2008 22:04

I was getting quite abit of ammo for it long before I got the RPD. Also the Duty mission in Red Fore...

22nd September 2008 18:09

I don't think Sid saw Strelok, it was Fang that met Sid.

29th September 2008 23:09

I think the ending is showing everyone getting programmed by the c-consciousness. The start of the s...

29th September 2008 22:09

Strelok fell through the bridge on to the ground and just stood there while I shot him.

29th September 2008 14:09

I cleared them out with a pkm.

29th September 2008 14:09

Duty sells the Walther P99 Edit: And I've found one in a stash or a body.

28th September 2008 02:09

21. Even after joining Duty, your mission is still to save the Zone. 22. Wolf can die but he'll be...

25th September 2008 02:09

I was getting CTDs, this fixed alot of them:

25th September 2008 02:09

thyco;4594866you'd be suprised at how accurate many man portable machine guns are in real life Edi...

24th September 2008 13:09

I had a similar problem, try some of the community fixes.

24th September 2008 03:09

I guess so, I cleared most the garbage of bandits and did most the missions for the loners.

23rd September 2008 22:09

I got mine from the Loner faction, the guy at Agroprom sells it.

23rd September 2008 03:09

Are they present in the faction wars like in the video? I've only come across one and that was at th...

22nd September 2008 18:09

I have a similar problem, the difference is the door wasn't locked but after I exited the bunker it...

1st October 2008 01:10

EdgarHighmen;4591042Hahaha crushed. wow. Were the pics any good?I'm just guessing that as I've seen...

22nd September 2008 18:09

Soul_purifier;4590590What are SGI's?? Are you talking about the NATO rifle?? It's green and powe...

22nd September 2008 01:09

I've found other stalkers dead at bases and camps, I'm thinking they've been crushed by other NPCs a...

22nd September 2008 00:09

I got SGIs from stashes at the army warehouses. Also Duty isn't the only to sell Exos, I got mine fr...

22nd September 2008 00:09

Is it possible to make new upgrades? For example the FN 2000 can't be upgraded.

19th September 2008 09:09

If you want a pistol with a large mag get the Walker P9m and upgrade it to 20 rounds.

18th September 2008 16:09

Try this GSC Game World - Official Site

18th September 2008 10:09

I read somewhere its a bug with accepting his other quest before doing the flashdrive quest.

18th September 2008 07:09

For what I've seen if a guide or trader dies someone else replaces them. On my game the Flea market...

18th September 2008 07:09

I got the same problem and just reloaded to the autosave when entering the level and it worked.

17th September 2008 21:09