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I'm pretty sure thats the developers drive as its refering to a C/C++ header file.

17th September 2008 08:09

Go back to Corden, Father Valerian is still alive. Someone must of been conducting cloning experimen...

30th September 2008 02:09

The yantar door of the scientists bunker is still bugged.

1st October 2008 01:10

I've got a similar problem instead the save is before accepting the quest. After dying the first tim...

17th September 2008 05:09

Why would the wish granter be alien? The C Conciousness pretty much states its a way to control peop...

14th January 2009 02:01

I've read you can upgrade the FT 200M but is there one before Limansk or an upgrade NPC after?

18th July 2009 03:07

dezodor;4871683If he joins then why is he a member of Freedom? -> read below If he destroys it wh...

24th April 2009 00:04

jacquel_m;4871176how did you know that? you can't know it exactly, if it contradicts or not, because...

23rd April 2009 13:04

jacquel_m;4871182you can't know if it contradicts or not, because its a sequel of shoc storyline, an...

23rd April 2009 13:04

OL removes one of the true endings for freeplay so you might want to play through vanilla first. E...

22nd April 2009 21:04

From what I've played so far the story line contradicts the SoC endings.

21st April 2009 17:04

The swamp is the largest area in the game.

9th March 2009 19:03

I'm not too impressed with the faction wars, in the swamps sometimes my mission will get cancelled b...

11th February 2009 18:02

Anyone having problems with the sawn-off shotgun's recoil causing the player to tilt?

18th January 2009 08:01

I've noticed the something similar on my computer, the FPS will be smooth, I'll save and restart the...

15th January 2009 01:01

Amraam;4768409Nope, the brainscorcher is used to control and reprogram those getting too close.Actua...

15th January 2009 00:01

Isn't that where the snorks came out of?

14th January 2009 01:01

How would I install the change to unlock the Yantar door without installing the whole mod?

1st October 2008 19:10

Looks like an early level of Pipyat

11th November 2008 01:11

Try the newest patch 6.

31st October 2008 16:10

One rocket. You can buy rpgs from the hermit loner in Agroprom. There is only one hind in the whole...

24th October 2008 09:10

On my game it was a rocket for the RPG

20th October 2008 09:10

Try one of the back corners, thats how I opened it.

19th October 2008 11:10

A fix for that damn Yantar door

8th October 2008 05:10

Is faiakes 2.4 compatable with 1.0005 or 1.0006? It only mentions 1.0004

8th October 2008 03:10